Form goggles fogging up

Hello there - I’ve had my form goggles 18months and have looked after them really well ( rinsed out after all swims and left to air dry. )

I was getting fed up with the nasty eye rings so it was suggested by form that I replaced the seals … so I did.

Replacing the seals didn’t fix the goggle mark / poor fit problem and now goggles are steaming up.

Have tried with another set of seals, anti fog spray , spitting in them etc - and they are still fogging up . Form say there’s nothing they can do it the anti fog coating has come off - they did offer me a small 15% discount on a new pair!

Rather disappointing and whilst I do love them not sure I’d buy again - if they will only last 18 months

Anyone else had similar or have a solution for this ?

Thanks in advance !

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I’ve never had a pair of goggles whose anti fog coating lasted more than a year.
I’m thinking the Form goggles are measured to fit? I’m more surprised the sealed needed replacing but I have no idea how often you swim.
If you’re swimming a few times a week, I don’t think 18 months of too bad really.

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If you can find the holy grail of goggles not leaving a mark then you’ll be a millionaire. 41 years swimming and I still haven’t achieved a mark free face after a swim.

As for fogging up goggles, as @Midlife_Trisis has said, 18 months isn’t a bad run without goggles fogging up. Only useless advice I can give is to always spit in goggles before rinsing with water then putting them on. I generally still need to de-fog goggles after about half an hour. Ultimately for open water swimming, goggles are only there to protect the eyes, you can’t see anything.

For all these reasons, and comfort, my go-to goggles are the cheap Speedo pair from decathlon. No need to spend a fortune!

Well yes correctly so @Midlife_Trisis 18months not too bad if your goggles are cheap ones but when you fork out £250 I guess I’d expect a bit more longevity .

The fit is poor and no they are not fitted they are a 1 size fits all… and leave goggle marks like no other on my face ! Much worse than any other goggles ive used throughout my life.

Interestingly finis have flagged up the problems with the form swim goggles and have brought out a pair of smart goggles which I hear has a much “ nicer fit “ much less bulky and the goggles part can be replaced each year for only £35 as you just move the computer into the new set.


£250 for goggles that aren’t bespoke fit? Wow.
I buy 4 pairs at a time from China at about 8 quid each :joy:
For that price I’d expect them to last 10 years and have full warranty for that time. :man_shrugging:


They’re the Form goggles with a heads up display.

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Ahh right yeah I know them.

Blimey, and I thought my £18 pair of TYR goggles was steep….

… and welcome @jobee.

A random suggestion that you might want to try on normal goggles first, but how about using bicarb of soda + white wine vinegar?

Well thanks @d.t not one I’ve heard of but I’ll give that a go.

Wondering do you make that into a paste first ?

As mentioned elsewhere, I use soap - or shower gel. Smear a little over the inside, rinse no fogging. Only issue if the goggles don’t seal well is you can get soapy water in your eyes. Try baby shampoo if this is a problem.

Can’t help with the goggle eyes. Find my goggles have to get tighter as they get older until eventually the seals are completely useless and they need replacing. If I get 18 months out of a pair before this happens, I call it a win, or I haven’t been swimming enough! But its a big reason I have never considered the Form goggles, they are a consumable item as far as I’m concerned.

Having said that, currently using HUUB goggles which allow me to replace the seals while keeping the frame, strap and lenses. As I have some prescription lenses, this is an advantage.


Same for me. Was always worried about their longevity.

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I’ve just done a quick search and it seems just vinegar might be a good starting point:

Deep cleaning

If your goggles are so dirty that basic rinsing won’t help, you can try to remove dirt and other deposits using white wine vinegar:

  1. Fill a bowl or (clean) sink with hot tap water and add 5 tablespoons of white wine vinegar.
  2. Submerge your goggles in the water, making sure to avoid touching the lenses.
  3. Leave your goggles to soak for 2 hours before removing them from the solution and immediately rinsing them with cold fresh water.
  4. Gently shake your goggles to remove excess water and allow them to completely air dry before putting them away.

My own theory is that temperature has a lot to do with fogging (especially in open water) so I try and equalise everything before I put them on.
I get in the water and duck or splash my face to cool my skin down, I then swill my goggles, spit in them, swill them again and put them on. I use my goggles until they pretty much disintegrate or I can’t see through them anymore and very rarely suffer from fogging.
Ps. Once I’ve put them on, I never touch them again until the end of the session, unless they’re leaking or something.


Thanks for all the helpful replies . I thought I would update and report back for other form goggle users .

I used the baby shampoo trick - smearing this on both goggle lenses and then rinsing before gettting in the pool has and this has rectified the problem !


i guess my swim form would probably cause the goggles to steam up as they went into overload…

the only pair of goggles i ever had that neither left me looking like a panda or steamed up were a pair of IM ones from late 80s…a long story how i came about them, though…