Frame plugs?

On my latest bike, I had the option of having the holes for a cable based gearing system instead of wireless so I had that option just in case. This leaves a couple of holes in the frame and although its titanium I wondered of there were frame hole plugs available to keep the cr*p out ?

Anyone come across these kind of plugs anywhere ?

They’ll still have a small hole in the middle of them, but di2 grommets would plug most of it?

Search Ebay for blind or blanking grommets, should be able to get something suitable.

Sugru is your friend.

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Molten lead poured down the frame, would increase your downhill speeds too…

I already have enough lead in my legs thnks :wink:

I used Sugru also.

The beauty of the (matt) Kerosene Red Canyon frames, is that red electrical tape is an almost perfect match!