Free app to record power and HR?

Hi all. Does anyone know of a free phone app that will record heart rate and more importantly power via Bluetooth? I’m hoping to do an FTP test soon and I’ve noticed brief temporary power drop-outs on my Garmin. I want the FTP test to be totally accurate. The power doesn’t drop out on my Stages Power app which suggests it’s my old Garmin 500 that isn’t picking up as well as it could or should… thanks and Bon Weekend :slight_smile:


I’ve got the strava app but I don’t think I can pair my power meter to it… as far as I can tell (and I’m happy to be corrected) I think strava either estimates your power or gets it from your Garmin or whatever other bike computer you’re using. I’m wondering can I by-pass the bike computer and record my power direct to my phone?

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I am almost certain you can. When I got my first power meter my watch didnt support power, it was ancient.

I’m sure I used my power meter on Strava

Not anymore

They recommend the wahoo fitness mobile app.


You could try the Kinetic Fit app. It’s meant for KK trainers but it works via BT and is free so nothing lost if it won’t connect to your PM.

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Tried the wahoo app. It was really good. Free to download, didn’t need to sign up or register or anything. It picked up my power meter and heart rate via Bluetooth no problem and records great - displays loads of data - averages, normalised, maximums for various time intervals, everything you could want. And it syncs straight across to strava. I’ll use this from now on for my indoor training - power signals are still dropping out from time to time to my Garmin but not to the wahoo app. A sign of age, it’s an old Garmin edge 500.