Free stuff

Does anyone want a THULE, towbar mounted, bike rack? ( I think it takes 3 bikes)- Collectable from hereford or maybe Outlaw full in July?
I also have a Dawes hybrid that needs some love but is basically sound.-

Do you know what model and does it tilt?

I’m afraid I don’t know/remember.- I don’t think it tilts or anything fancy.

ok thanks. we’re looking for a tilting one that will sit on our campervan and we can open the tailgate and I know Thule sell one

I’ve got a tilting Thule one but still couldn’t open the tailgate of my T4 with it flat or tilted (this is without bikes on it). In fact the thumb wheels for the tilting mechanism were part of the problem. I realised if I took them off and replaced them with slim normal nuts (and cut down the bolts to suit) I could then open the tailgate with it flat but would lose the option to tilt it (which was no loss as it wasn’t any use)
The only ones that I think will open with a van tailgate are the complex ones that kind of lever over and away from the van at the same time.
Something like this Altera one (but very spendy!)

I think the tailgate on the Transit Custom campervans is fine with opening but not tried one yet. As you say the Atera one is the best alternative.

I’ve seen some that towball mount and swing to the side to allow opening but a) not available in UK, and b) mega money

I’m in no rush at the mo

Having a clear out of Tri suits that my son collected but used perhaps once.
DHB is size small and the orca is a small as well.
Free to a good home