Free triathlon

If I can wangle another weekend without the kids then I’d be up for this.

TTman goes international.

I’ll enter then not show up for one of a hundred different reasons in my usual last 5 years style


Sounds good with the usual caveats of family approval, etc. A weekend away with these eejits sounds great though, or persuade the family to do it as part of a longer holiday.

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I would be tempted but I’ve got that many deferred races already it depends when it is, hoping Maastricht will get deferred and also UTMB.

Quite a few trips to Europe :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry all but it’s not for me if by some coincidence Mrs Hen and I are in Europe at the right time then maybe

I think it’s time she got a holiday that does not have an Ironman in it………(Ironman race that is …….)


How Swiss would people like the bike course to be? I have a nice 180km route with 2400m, or would people like a proper mountain with a solid 1500m climb? 90km will be my regular club ride route, spectacular scenery, with 750m. 40km will be a flat lake loop

It will be an out and back lake swim, with turn points for different distances

Run will be multi lap along lake

If I’m coming to to Switzerland it would have to be a mountain. I wouldn’t be worrying about time, just enjoying the ride. The club ride route sounds good too.

It will be a social triathlon, however, that doesn’t mean easy. The route involving a mountain will follow the normal club route for 40km, it then climbs Ibergeregg, past the Stoos ski resort and into the Mythen Region Ski slopes (Its all on road).

If you look up Ibergeregg pass, it is rated as one of the best Swiss mountain passes for cycling. Luckily the descent is not too technical

Did 1.5 laps of the Bosworth bike course today, the A444 is as horrid as ever

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Jeez, this could possibly have enticed me back to doing a tri, the lake swim in Zurich was one of the nicest I have done. I assume Zug would be even nicer. Thankfully I have 12000 miles or so in the way. (As well as no doubt still closed borders :pensive:) so I am out. Great idea though!