Front Hydration Options

Hi all, I’ve got the aerocoach angles extensions and arm rests and sadly there is no bottle mount available like other company’s. Is anyone running these and found a between the arms bottle solution? Can’t get my head around it due to the angle and shape of the extensions!

Yeah, I’ve got an Xlab Hydroblade

Give me a second I’ll take a pic


It works well enough but will leak if you fill it quite high


Post race minging pads! :joy: :joy:


Powder everywhere!

Actually, probably worth sharing how much that bugger does leak, it’s everywhere but a combo of me throwing it everywhere too. Obviously the roads of Bolton are rough


Hahah that’s a hell of a party you had on the bike!

Thanks gives me a good idea of what it will look like in my head


I’ve got the same, but I’ve replaced the straw with a longer one using some hose.

Then attached some Velcro to the top of the bottle, the straw and a small bit on the bars.

That way the straw stays out of the way and drinking is easier

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Have you tried a bottle down the front of your tri suit?

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No - any tips / advice for a hydration bladder down the suit? Positioning or rub etc? Can’t get on with the front bottle suggested!