FS: Fizik Shoes, R3 Transiro Black/White 45

Basically brand new, totally unmarked, still in the original box and packaging.

Bought from Sigma Sport a couple of weeks ago, have had cleats fitted and one short ride on the turbo. Don’t fit my feet so I am going back to Shimano TR9.

£130 inc p&p (or £135 if you want to pay with Paypal Good & Services)

What about the fit didn’t fit… if that makes sense?

They felt marginally too long and marginally too narrow. I didn’t feel like I was connecting with the pedal with the correct part of the foot, I felt like I was pushing through my arch instead of around the ball of the foot. They weren’t painful at all and I felt secure in them, they just didn’t feel “right”.

Ah, that’s what I feared, that’s me out then!