Fulgaz acquired by Ironman

Doesn’t bode well for the partnership with Rouvy I suppose

Never heard of it tbh. I did smile when I read that people expect things “to just work”. I guess he hasn’t tried to live stream an Ironman over the last few years :sweat_smile:


I tried them out when I decided to look beyond TrainerRoad, along with RGV, Zwift and Rouvy a few years ago. All of them seemed to be pretty early stages and clunky if you ask me. I still don’t know why a real game engine hasn’t been leveraged to incinerate the abomination that is Zwift. Not enough money to be had I guess.

I think because as much as folks like to moan about Zwift, it’s really good when you look at it holistically and very hard to better in the real world. If it were that easy, all these others would be taking their customers.

It takes huge amounts of money to get up and running. Zwift have the community and the footprint. Building a better game is relatively easy, building a better ecosystem and community is way way harder.


Do tell…

All I do is race on it; I don’t think it has any real competitors in that respect?

Not really. There was a splinter race group that had a decent following, I think they were called CZG or something? They tried and honestly, it looked worse than something a kid with an Commodore would have put together in the early 90s. The bikes were motorbikes :man_shrugging:t2:

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You’ve always been able to race others on Bkool, as well as computer controlled bots that have different characteristics that you can select from, depending on the type of race you want.
I saw a thing on DC Rainmaker a while back and was surprised (as was he I think) how many users Bkool had but it’s still a fraction of Zwift.
I don’t use it anymore but always preferred the larger selection of courses (literally thousands as anyone can upload a gpx file with or without video) compared to Zwift and wasn’t bothered about the competitive element.
It also had a velodrome mode which sounds the most boring thing in the world but was strangely addictive

It seems if you race, you are in the minority of people on Zwift.
From DCR:
– 50% of Zwifters fall into the ‘Train’ bucket at least once each month (Either doing a structured or group workout, or a training plan)
– 20% of Zwifters will ‘Compete’ in an event at least once a month (Doing a race or series of races)
– 80% of Zwifters will do something in the ‘Explore’ bucket at least once a month (Group rides/runs, free rides/runs, badge hunting, and tours)

So most people just want to ride, alone or with others. Zwift has reached a critical mass, thanks in no small part to COVID. Much like Facebook, WhatsApp and Strava, if that’s where your mates are, that is where you are going to go, even if there are better technical options out there. Other platforms need to somehow build a user base big enough to get people to consider switching, but it’s chicken and egg.

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I liked the simulated racing on Zwift for what it was (much different to RL but definitely a gaming skillset in its own right). I think I enjoy my club’s ‘spirited rides’ more but I quite like Zwift in all its flavours.

Badge hunting was good fun, JRA is fine and competitive stuff is good. I’m not really one or the other.

I am going to use SUF or SYSTM as it is now over winter instead of zwift. my Tacx flux 2 doesn’t play well with zwift. I plan on getting pedal pwoermeter which I believe improves things but it is really annoying when climbing on zwift as it is now. That fulgaz looks a bit clunky so I will wait a good while before having a look.

Yeah, but apex predators are always in a minority right? (shame I can’t win like one :rofl:)

I find the pootling about on Zwift boring. In that case, video feed like Fulgaz would actually be my preference!


I’m taking about software, not the game. It looks like 90s Doom, the UI has always been terrible, and the only agile thing about it is the users themselves :slight_smile:

But this thread is about Fulgaz/Ironman.

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And it’s up.

Haven’t had a go myself yet:


See they’ve not done much work on the UI…. and still only 6 IM courses…. struggling to see what they’ve actually changed beyond the logo at the top?

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I must admit I don’t know what they had before :slight_smile:

There is a three month free promo code though:
22IRONMANVC . Offer valid through February 9th, 2022.

I’m not using IMVR anymore but logged in to have a look, I would imagine the “top” races will only be on FulGaz now instead of Rouvy but I don’t see any listed yet

I’ve not checked but Rouvy said the IM routes would remain but with the IM branding and races names changed to something generic.

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