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Missed this, Helvellyn & fun aren’t two words that usually get associated!

It is actually one of my favourite races but I always seem to have a stinker, I suffer in the cold water and can’t warm up on the bike, even on the decent years. Have done a few half decent run splits though, primarily as I love the descent :grinning:, such fun shouting the roadies to get out of the way.


I’m wondering if we can set-up a flagging category for name dropping.

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I’m actually going to ask for tips from the Jmeister…!?

I’m not even sure he will reply…!?

Riding a bike for over a day is a strange challenge

Maybe I’ll bump into Big Brad… at Hewitt cycles again…?! Or as I call him…

He never speaks to anyone apparently … unless he’s on TV.

On a side note I never realised my £50 donation included spelling and grammatical advise.

Your a Ledg big J… even if that means nothing these days… apparently.

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Hah, good reply; you should get on the ‘smashfest’ thread. I’ll dig it up for you :upside_down_face:

Where are you getting the grammar advice? It looks like you must be using a mobile to post most of the time, as I assumed your replies have a lot of auto-fill in them.

It corrects me even when I’m right…!?

Machines rule our lives, but we built them to do that.

Good work on the donation drive from you and the hammer, good site this…

Long may she rule!


I’ve now analysed my Cross Triathlon
Swim 25th out of 60
Bike 3rd out of 60
Run 18th out of 60
Overall 20th

T1 was nutralised
Run time includes T2
T2 was not quick as my Mountain Bike Shoes aren’t quick to take off, and one of the Boa’s stuck

Really pleased with bike time. I left my watch running in T2, so power reported low, however, when I cleaned up the file, my AP was 345W for 12 minutes

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Possibly the best Triathlon swim picture ever

Yesterday I organied a 70.3, which coincided with the day that IM70.3 Switzerland was due to take place. We had a group of people in the cycling club, who had entered Rappi, and one person in particular has spend 2 years getting himself into shape to be able to take on the event.

The event was free to enter, athletes could choose to swim 500m or 1900m, Cycle was 90km beautiful route, with 700m climbing (no big climbs, just rolling and following a route alongside 3 different lakes. The run was 2 10.5k laps where you passed the start/finish point every 5km (where an aid station was setup), so athletes could do 5, 10 or 21km run.

15 people chose to do the full 70.3 distance, but we had 35 people complete other distances. The event finished with our club summer BBQ, which was setup at the Start / Finish and hosted by our club sponsor, Bachweg Brewery (actually at the Brewery itself)

Absolutely amazing event. I didn’t compete, as I was race director / Swim turnaround marker / safety kayak

It was not too hard to organise, however, I was exhasted by the end of the day, and my wallet was a bit lighter as I bought all the finishers a cold beer.

Its really interesting to sit on the organising side, and such a reward to see happy and exhausted people fininshing.


Looks ace!

Btw, what was that quadrathon type event you did last year with a partner?

Well done Matt. Sounds fantastic :clap:t2: