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Following on from the list of HIM and “Full Distance” events, and on the back of the comment that Ironman events are not necessarily ‘fun’ and conducive to keeping people involved in the sport long term, thought we should have a list of Fun Events.

Not long distance endurance feats, and not newby try-a-tri events, a shorter distance event with something that makes it stand out from the norm.

Perranporth always gets a mention for the surf and hills:

Croyde has something similar:

JaRok2300 mentioned a race is Worcestershire with some extra biking (link?)

Any Xtri races about?

I’d mention Escape from Alcatraz, pretty iconic but ‘only’ 18 mile bike course. I think it costs Ironman type money to enter now mind:

Depends on your definition of fun but Midnightman, proper old skool low key event and adds a different spin on racing going overnight.

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But it’s long isn’t it? Although I notice they do a 1/4 distance, is that overnight too?

I’m not sure if there’s anything especially fun or different about it, just a good old fashioned local race (including the price). I only mentioned it in respect of non-standard distances. 2020 hasn’t been formalised yet but is pencilled in for 10th May. I’ve sttached a link to last year fyi.

Just linked to it in another thread but the Centurion near me gets good reviews.
2k 82k 16k = 100k
1.25m 84m 15m = 100m

And there’s marshals dressed as Romans

not dark unless you are really slow as they all start at 6pm. The whole buzz is the same and there are aquabike races also so a real mix of people.

7oaks, a classic club event in April. 400m pool swim, 25k hilly / rolling Kent bike and an 8k largely off road and “undulating” run. Was only about £50 also. Snowed one year i did it!

Basically anything in Cornwall. It will be non-standard, sea swim & hilly.

Bude has a Triathlon & Quadrathon -
Hokey Cokey Swim-Run -

Helvellyn - cheap entry and good refund policy. Odd distance, tasy bike section including The Struggle, run up Helveylln.

Sussex Middle - cheap entry again, £90 for the middle and 20% discount if enter early. Deceptively difficult bike course, 1.2km vertical ascent over approx 80km. No massively big hills, constant up and down. 4 x 20km loop - the first 14km is climb climb climb, then a tricky descent down a country lane Run is about 18km, with 350m of elevation. One big hill you do 4 times. Its mostly off road. Bit of rain and it becomes really fun. Slipping all over the place. Year I did it was like an OC race, loads of people with covered in mud from slipping over.

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There used to be a race in NZ called ‘IRT’, it was Run-Bike-Swim. I’d like to see one of those again.

Hillingdon is similar but its swim run bike

I guess the likelihood of a wetsuit swim make anything other than SBR or SRB difficult in this country - unless pool based.


Crystal Palace Oly. Think it was 9 laps on the bike course. Quite a lot of fun overtaking on a technical course. Even more fun remembering how many laps I’d done. And yes, I had some tape on my top tube, but did I take that tape off at the start of the lap, in the middle, or at the end?

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My club event, although adult race is a sprint. Pretty uninspiring course but iconic location although it’s in disrepair now. I coach at the track there on Wednesdays.

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I did it once, but really didn’t like it that much. Mainly as the roads were so shitty. Coming down the hill at the end of the lap was a bit sketchy trying to do it at speed, with so many other riders, and being bumped and battered all over the place by the road.

The short sharp climb each lap on the bike and run give it a nice test however.

I used to play American Football there, so finishing on the running track wasn’t such a big deal when you’ve played loads of games on the infield!

Having said all that, being so local, it’s probably one I’d do again if I was free!


My favorite is without a doubt the Triathlon X Half for that one. I know it’s not exactly a prime starter event, but it’s just got the potential to throw so much sh!t at you in one day that you have to love the madness of it.

The old Bala Half is still a favorite of more standard events. Hope it’ll come back some day.

I’ve been eyeing up The Roc since it has swim-bike-run-bike which sounds fun, especially with Snowdon in the mix.

But generally I can’t think of a single big-league event that comes across as “fun”. Even Slateman is far too “m-dot lookalike” to get me in a good mood about it. I really enjoy the small low-key club events, far more entertaining.

I’d love to hear about any more wacky ones, e.g. with MTB requirement?

Did a sprint cross triathlon today, 600m in pool, 6k off road biking, 3k cross country running.

Who knew that 38 minutes could be so painful. However, really happy to have got my season off to a start. 20th place out of 60… average age was about 22.

Running 4:15 avg for 3k doesn’t sound fast, however it was basically 3 ,Laps of a slippy muddy field, with 3 hay bales you had to climb/hurdle on each lap


A few of us are doing the red bull 25…!

Obviously it’s a 24 hour bike race, on the weekend when the clocks go back so you ride for 25 hours.
A team event but I’m going to see how long I can “ hold out” for.

Windsor park circuit?

Anyone know it?

Not sure how this is fun but it keeps us out of the pub I guess…!


I know a few who did it last year. Someone on here mentioned it at the time. 3 juniors I coach were in a team also. Well organised,… fun? That’s a matter of opinion :rofl: but sounded like a good/night out

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I’ll get some tips off the “ jackster” he’s not bad at long tt”s he reckons…!?

Can’t imagine cycling for that long… but you ll never know till you tri I guess…

Doris is on with the PayPal thing tomorrow !!

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