Garmin 530 ... any good?

My old Garmin 800 is slowly dying. Having been away from the tech market for a good while I’ve been trying to quickly get a handle on the different options.

I need to upload routes, navigate and connect to a power meter. I think the 530 has the powermeter option now but older 500 series versions didn’t?

And I think the only important difference between 530 and 830 is the touch screen (for what I need at any rate)?

Any other players in the market I should consider for my relatively simple requirements?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Edge 500 and up have PM connectivity! (500 is ANT+ only). I can’t comment on the 530, as I have the 520. The only reason I moved from 500 to 520 was being able to charge on the go in a 400k Audax.

I would just avoid anything with a touchscreen!

The touchscreen on the 800 is OK if a little unresponsive … but a quick trawl through DCR comments on the 820 show a lot of unhappy people.

Halfords are doing the 820 for £175 so an viable option vs £250 for the 530.
I don’t cycle in the rain that much …

I have the 520, and the 530 looks a nice upgrade. The fully routable maps on the device is a step up, even from the 520 plus, climbpro looks a really neat feature, and if you do MTB or audax, then the new MTB features and the ability to hook up to the dedicated battery pack directly are big upsides.

I may well go the 945 route however, and stick with my 520. The two main features I am after are the ability to have more robust mapping, and climbpro, both of which the 945 could offer in support of my existing 520 whilst riding.

I’ve lost my bike Comp so I’m gonna buy the 520 from Halfords today - £199

Any foibles hooking up to PowerTap or bestbikesplit that you know of?

My old Lezyne comp used to insist on opening the iPhone app before it started recording which is a pain during races where phones are banned.

The 520, or the 520 Plus? I would wait and get the 530 tbh. DCR has said it’s a massive step up, and the 530 is everything the 520 Plus should have been. You’ll be able to get it on for a max of £234 once it’s actually available.

If you mean the 520, then that’s way too much. I paid about £160-180 a couple of years ago.

Re BBS, there’s an app to import your race plans to save you connecting to a computer, but I only found out about that recently and havent actually used it/tried it yet.

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Thanks - looks like the 530 is imminent and worth waiting for.

The climbpro feature looks like a jazzed up version of the gradient screen on my 800 :slight_smile:

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I deleted that last post, as having Googled the 520, prices seemed to have gone back up! Not sure why that is. I paid less than £150 last year for mine from Wiggle.

Mmm thanks guys, I’m a bit out of options though as I’m flying out very early tomorrow, going to the airport tonight.


Will look around - it is the 520 “plus” as @stenard asked, though I don’t know the difference.

And Ibhave a halford 10% off in store so I might get it nearer £180.


520 Plus was their first stab at bringing mapping to the 5xx series.

If you just needed a temporary stop gap, then the edge 25 might suit the bill. Only £75 (so you could maybe get for £67.50), and the only thing it doesnt really do is connect to power meters. That would then at least be a low cost travel option, whilst you wait for the more thorough 530 to be released. All depends on what you want from this immediate trip

Agree. If you don’t need PM connectivity, then an Edge 25 would do the job.

…The only thing I must have is PM connectivity :rofl:

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Yellow powertap meter?

I only used my Lezyne Macro on race days anyway.

On the 530, these features could be useful for me

Added Training Plan API support: This includes a redesigned structured workout execution page
– Added Hydration/Nutrition Smart Alerts: When using a course/route, it’ll automatically figure out how much water/calories you should be taking
– Added Hydration/Nutrition Tracking: It allows you to record this data in ride summary screens and log it on Garmin Connect

Are they really saying they didn’t do Bluetooth until now?

– Added Bluetooth Smart sensor support: You can now pair Bluetooth Smart sensors like heart rate, power, and cadence

500 and up then. But the redoubtable 500 is not a cheap option relatively speaking, as it has so many fans.

You’ll end-up panic buying the 520 from Halfrauds :wink:

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Yeah, as per Jorgan, if you need PM support in the interim, then you’re screwed. The training plans API support has backwards compatibility to all Garmins, including stuff a decade old like the original 500.

As Garmin own ant+, until recently they refused to support bluetooth sensors. They moved to dual support in the last year or two, and have now even started releasing dual broadcast sensors (HR, speed, cadence, etc).

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My 520 has BLE (it’s not a ‘Plus’ afaik).

It has bluetooth to connect to your phone, but not to connect to sensors.

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Done (£179) and BBS power route loaded. :wink: