Garmin 745

Is the new Garmin 745 a rebranded 945? Seems to have pretty much the same functionality.

My 935 is dying, especially on the Swim. In the pool on Monday crashed 3 times, Open Water, it freezes frequently so my swim pace is massively under stated… I am a rubbish swimmer, but not 2:35/km rubbish.

Waiting for new 955 to be released

Think the majority of it is

  • few advance features such as workout recommendations that will be rolled out by update to 945
    -no maps
  • Slightly lighter and less battery life
    -no as much storage for music

Don’t think there’s much in it but it’s expensive and I’d probably go for a cheap 945 or wait for 955 myself

TBF I wouldnt be too upset with your swimming pace being around around 25 km/hr.:wink:


Shockingly slow :rofl: