Garmin Discount

Bit of begging post but I don’t suppose anyone has a Garmin discount code they’d be willing to donate as I think being BTF affiliated gets you a unique code for garmins site and do like the look of the new Epix :sweat_smile:

Gather new products are often excluded but I know people often have success if they get in early.

I think that ended a few years ago as I wanted it for my current watch.

Ahh that’s a shame. I googled BTF garmin discount but didn’t initially notice that the pages were years old.

I’ve seen a few people saying they got discounts to work but they seem to be US based not seen anything from UK based ones. Even if buying from other sources like the online watch shop they all seem to have successfully put the watches on their exclude list!

Ive got a Garmin discount but Epix is excluded.

Ahhh that’s sucks looks like I’ll wait then thanks guys:)

Same for me. I can get Garmin discounts a couple of ways and the Epix is excluded.

Is the Fenix 7 included?

Haven’t read the full reviews yet but DCR’s conclusion was the Epix anyday because of the screen, unless you are really desperate for the solar charging and life?

I don’t see much point of upgrade from 945 to fenix but Emma’s venu 2 screen is brilliant so be nice on the Epix.

I’d like a lighter 955 but suspect that won’t be Epix screen

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Nope. The Fenix 6 is but the new releases are full price.


Thinking of buying Mrs A a Venu 2s for her birthday. Is it a good watch?

Emma really likes it’s got all the garmin general health features loads of activities and great fit, light and battery life with a brilliant screen.

Only thing it lacks is some of the more sport specific features like you can’t create run intervals ON the watch like a 245/945/fenix (eg 5x 1k off 2:00) but you can load from garmin connect workout creator.

Good price at mo two if your not bothered about the venu 2 plus which I didn’t think had features em would use

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I’ve got the Venu and rate it. Only downside is lack of OW swimming but there are ways round that. There are a lot of tri specific features it doesn’t have but I think they’re all nice to have rather than necessary.

Got it 50% off so was a bit of a bargain

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Sadly no discount available on the Epix on my route.

Annoyingly the Tacx stuff is listed as discounted but when you login the discount isn’t available.

Thanks for the reviews. Mrs A runs and does some classes. I think she will like some of the general health features. Her fitbit on the whole has been shite.

you can’t preorder the epic currently but it seems to have worked for the Fenix 7. If you have a 10% off code through your running club it worked…