Garmin issues

I’ve uninstalled / removed Edge 1030 from my phone. Paired it again, but it’s still showing a completely different timezone to my phone. Will it eventually catch up? Do you think there’s a glitch in the Garmin worm hole?

Date/time on an edge is driven by the GPS signal, as GPS signals include date / timestamp info. Have you just been using it indoors for a prolonged period? Stick it on a windowsill and let it get signal

GPS seems OK. Was out on my bike on Sunday. Syncs to my phone OK, just the time on the Edge is not syncing with the time on my phone. Very strange. Hoping it rectifies itself otherwise it’s gonna be a pain when on my turbo trainer with TPs and doesn’t find the workout.

I honestly don’t understand then. If it has GPS signal, it has the date/time. The GPS signal is embedded with the date/time signals. The device should never sync with the time on your phone. It defines it’s own time based on the GPS signal. It’s why whenever i travel, my phone will update to the new timezone as soon as it gets phone signal, but I need to activate my watch to connect to satellites to get that to update. It is impossible to update the date/time on any Garmin GPS device I have ever owned in any way other than connecting to GPS.

I’m clearly missing something, but if it has signal then there would seem a more inherent issue with the device if the date/time is wrong.

Second HRM-Run 2 to fail. Moisture gets inside and corrodes the hell out of them. Either an O-ring issue or tiny crack in the plastic. Regardless, once I hacksawed it apart here is the corrosion clear as day:

My Wahoo Tickr is locked up in a gym at work, so I can’t get counted in race results on Zwift. Annoying!

I had very little luck with my Garmin HRMs, I thought they were rubbish tbh. Now use a Tickr; a bit more resilient and half the price.

Yep. It’s stumped me. It’s 13:06 here in the UK and its coming up with 05:45 wherever in the world this is.

And you are outside now, and it shows full GPS signal locked? If so, then there’s definitely something wrong. I’d call Garmin.

The reason I keep going on about getting a GPS is lock is mine goes out of wack if I use it indoors consistently for a long period of time, with charging and discharging cycles, and never establishing a new GPS lock. I had one file that it for some reason time-stamped as 4 months ago the other day. But as soon as I put it on the windowsill and got a new GPS lock, it all synced up with the correct date/time again.

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Stenard THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I’ve left it outside for 15 minutes, come back to it and it’s back on UK time. Satellites must have taken a while to load. I was outside on my bike Sunday, and on the turbo trainer yesterday but it didn’t pick up my workout as it was on a different day/time zone. All sorted.

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