Garmin training zone change

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Do Garmin training watches such as the Fenix 5 automatically change training zones (HR).
One of my client’s watches changed the zones down?
At this point we don’t know why.

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Check the max HR on the watch. I had my zones all automatically go up on my 935 when it erroneously detected a new max HR due to an HR strap glitch (single spike sent my max HR from 185 to 250). Since I don’t train by the zones on the watch I didn’t notice for a while until my predicted vo2max went through the roof over a couple of months.

Don’t know why it would go down though, not sure if it uses resting HR in settings the zones or not, but that might be something else to check.

Resurecting an old thread. However, it seems that Garmin has reset its zones. My MHR is 187 and Threshold is 172bpm (according to Training Peaks)
Looks like Zone 3 is sub threshold, Zone 1 is now much broader and covers easy pace, Zone 2 is definately not easy. Zone 2 is essentially Junk pace. No idea why you need to split Zone 4 and Zone 5 - I guess 5 is max effort

I guess this is likely to be really confusing for anyone following an 80:20 plan, where 80% is Z1 and Z2 … Z2 is miles to high

Based on Garmins labels, I spend a lot of time warming up

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Could be that your selected method changed?

My bike and swim are set to % MaxHR but my run is set to % LT.

I don’t recall selecting that, but I do notice that it detected an LT only in recent months, which I posted about in another thread. Perhaps it changes the zone method when you accept a new LT threshold pace?