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With the relative poor performances at the Worlds in an Olympic year, unlike previous Olympic cycles where we dominate in Olympic year you have to reflect on how virtually the same group of athletes with some good additions have gone from invincible to also rans. Brailsford quit in 2014 so essentially 2016 was still a Brailsford squad with the backroom staff all largely his, so was it all him, is the loss of Sutton and his methods key to the loss in form, is the wet lettuce who is now in charge uninspiring or did Brailsford have a “regime” that might finally come out in a book and Oprah interview in 15 years time that they no longer utilise. With more and more suspicions coming out over all sport I do wonder if they had more than just extra round wheels

other countires have been sceptical about GB being dominant at Olypmics but not at that level in between. But ultimately Brits don’t dope so nothing to see here.


Quite possibly a combination of everything you allude to; not running the BC Track program like a totalitarian omelette factory maybe doesn’t help success.

Will this have any affect on the GB presence in the Pro Peloton?

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I’m not sure, bound to in the long run but i do know more than one kid at VCL who turned down GeeeBeee in favour of a dev spot on a pro tour team

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If you take the men’s team pursuit as an example, GB rode to the same level as they have in the past. But other squads have made huge leaps forwards e.g. the Danish squad going 3:45. So maybe you should be pointing your fingers towards them?

I was saying that over the weekend, 4 seconds gain is “unbelievable”. Unlike the Brits to not make gains
though we didnt use Olympic race kit apparently.

But this is always something I come back to. I see how strong the Danes are and it makes me :thinking:. Where they are now, relatively speaking GB were a couple of Olympic cycles ago and UK was :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk:

There’s a top Danish guy (MTM) who posts on ST. He’s not part of the track team but seems very open and often has a good insight.!_P7158009/

Interesting that Team Huub-Wattbike’s aero guru Dan Bigham has been advising the Danish team, British Cycling’s ambivalence (at best) to the Derby guys biting them on the bum perhaps :man_facepalming:

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Well, it sounds like regime-change at BC hasn’t worked, as far as results :man_shrugging:

It was not going to last forever, look at how the Aussies went from world beaters to also rans in a similar or shorter period of time at the start of the decade. In some ways it was amazing it lasted 3 Olympic cycles, Rio was a bit of a bonus really

I think other countries who are looking to boost their position on the medal tables are recognising the low hanging fruit available in track cycling. NZ are towards the top of the medal table in track cycling and rowing, which have both been happy hunting grounds for GB in recent Olympics.

There seems to be more young riders going the more traditional route to a riding career on the roads. The classic route in recent years has been to get onto the GB academy, win medals on the track and then get a contract with Sky/Ineos. There’s a lot more Brits popping up in pro teams without taking the academy route now.

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