I’m the worlds biggest procrastinator, still mulling over taking a GCN+ subscription.

Anyone in here got it or had it? Is it worth it?

Love watching live races and am always in you tube looking for cycling documentaries.

However, I’ve seen quite a few poor reviews.

I also have a very old tv so may have issues there. May have to watch on phone or iPad

Had it last year with the introductory offer. Didn’t watch any racing, watched the TdF on ITV4, mainly because I can stand listening to Rob Hatch.
I got it mainly for the films they do but then got pissed off that some of the ‘new’ content had already aired on YT and then some of the GCN+ content was being aired free. I’ve noticed they’ve released the Colombia and Longest descent specials just now.

I bailed in Nov and sent the instruction not to renew. I see Si Richardson is doing a hard sell on it at the moment.

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Thanks FP.

I do tend to watch quite a bit of racing, so would be good for that. The ad breaks on Eurosport wind me right up as does the fact they miss a lot of races.

Yeah I fell away from the racing big time when we moved and I lost Eurosport. (probably miss the SBK and skiing mostly though).

if you’re an avid cycle racing watcher, bit of a no brainer really.

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I took out the annual subscription for Eurosport so no ads and that has the GCN cycling events as well. Watched all of the grand tours, SuperLeague and the CX plus the other sports. Biathlon is a favourite of mine

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I had it last year and watched pretty much every tour of a week or more and most of the monuments. Was great for me, and cheap as nuts. Thumbs up from me.

Didn’t go for Eurosport as don’t need the extra stuff.

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Thanks guys, sounds like a go.

Eurosport usually do a £40 for a year subscription offer which seems very cheap, so if they do include all of GCN events as well then might be worth waiting for that offer (if you haven’t missed it)

From memory I paid £20 as it was an offer on before the Giro

Signed up for it!

Watched the Jens Voigt documentary and even managed to get it in the tv