Geraint Thomas

There’s an interview on You Tube with Bob Babbit.

Apparently G will be taking part in tri when he retires in 3/4 years time. He dabbled as a kid and Cam Wurf reckons he’s very good.

Seems like this is becoming more common for ex pro cyclists. Doesn’t sound like he is thinking about pro level triathlon though.

I read that he swam competitively as a kid, although no idea what level (I swam in school swimming gala, so does that mean I swam competitively as a kid?). Anyway, if he has a reasonable swimming background, he can clearly ride, and I am sure that his base fitness will enable him to run well.

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Cam Wurf said in 2017 he was out with Froome and a few guys and the coach made them run 13 miles off a 5 hour ride to trash Froome’s legs for the rest of the week so they could all keep up with him on the bike.

I have no doubt those boys could run quickly if they want to!


more and more elites in endurance sports have some swim background. The endurance gains, the discipline, the tedium of swimming up and down a black line for hours on end its no wonder that they end up top level in their chosen sports.


its all good and well, but can the lad change his underpants in T2 quickly enough…I reckon we’d have him there.

Apparently Richie Porte is the great hope, very handy swimmer (who still dabbles in the off season) and has a run background.

He’d need his “A” race to be in January as he always peaks this month. Every summer he comes out with how he peaked to early🙃

Fun item - as I opened this thread, Kraftwork TdF came on radio 6, wow, statistically what are the chance of that heppening!

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