Getting into Roth ...or maybe Austria ;)

This is a fair comment. However, I know a lot of people who work away from home/family every week (usually by choice); which is something I rarely ever have to do, by design. …and how much have you spent on trainers in the last 6 months?

Always watch for the upper-cut :wink::rofl:

For me, it’s not about priority, it’s about preference. I prefer to race in the UK, I need a very strong argument these days to spend any money in western EU, it’s just not interesting to me personally (family is a different matter).

I can get much better waves in Morocco, or can go somewhere like the Maldives and spend more and guarantee the quality of the breaks and access to reefs without the hassle of a load of Brasos fighting in the water and the family can be having a great time.

I view western EU the same way as I view camping. If there is an absolute compelling reason why i must do it, then i will (such as UTMB).

The odd splash n dash holiday is nice for the family but I’d only go somewhere I can fly to from Southampton, as everything else is way too much hassle, and if I’m dragging the family through that much grief, then we’re going somewhere we can have a real adventure.

Other than that, I’ve spent 30 of my 54yrs living overseas and haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the endurance adventures that can be had in the UK.

I’ve enjoyed some racing and training in Mallorca, Portugal and France but rarely have I ever thought, ‘wow this blows the doors off’.

^^ Probably just do the NC500!

What are ‘Brasos’? Locals?

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I also find the fact that I do something on my own seems less ‘acceptable’ than if I did it with a group of others. Even though the net result is the same. Odd isn’t it.

My only ‘real life’ social network are the village school Dads, and you can imagine that’s not a deep pool of endurance junkies!

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I thought they were all Type I high achievers in the Cotswolds. Full banker/lawyer proper trafleets like.

Type As? I think they just live here at weekends.


That’s the one. My pi$$ taking doesn’t really work so well when i get the punchline wrong does it?!


Brazilians. very aggressive in the water. I’m a member of North Narra surf club in Sydney, we know aggression (we cause most of it!) but these guys are next level!

I suffered from the same when we first moved to Winchester. all my ‘endurance family’ are in Oz and I definitely felt on my own. I’m a member and race with the local CC but can’t say I’ve bonded with many of them.

I think it’s one of the things that has driven me to look at other endurance disciplines. My wife had very few friends in sydney that were not either work or Uni and I had dozens. Over here, it’s the opposite.

I think that’s why I’m more open to exploring the UK as family outdoor adventures because it doesn’t feel like I’m really missing out on much else.

i’ve also put on 9kg:disappointed:

I did Roth in 2012 (so entered in 2011) and was able to dither all morning about whether to enter before pushing the button. I think that was the last year you could do this before it sold out in seconds.

We drove from Manchester via the tunnel and took two days over it each way, bloody long way but there were three of us sharing the driving (and the costs!). A German friend who used to be in our club sorted out accommodation for us, hiring a big cottage in one of the neighbouring villages. So overall I don’t remember it costing that much really.

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I have the exact same thing and think it is so odd. Luckily a group of dads from school have formed into an informal cycling group, one of them wants to start triathlons and is a former pro sportsman and loves training. He suggested a mini training camp next spring, a few of us chipped in, one of them told my wife at the school summer fayre (that day was the 1st mention of it) and she was fine. If I had suggested it on my own it would have been a no go.


That’s odd.

My wife prefers when I go out alone - as I’m always back when I say I would be.

Go out with a club and there’s mechanicals and endless dicking about at every opportunity.

Though I enjoy the company :relieved:

Registration open…seemed straightforward to get through at 9:00

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Sorry! Unfortunately the registration has not been successful.

Dear athlete,

all start places for DATEV Challenge Roth 2020 have changed hands. The application lists will open one more time for our charity action on December 6th 2019. For further information please have a look at our homepage a few days prior to the event.

In case you will not be lucky enough to obtain one of the last slots at our charity action, we would be very happy to welcome you at one of our other family races. For further information please visit:

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So you had a punt then?

Yup :see_no_evil:
I’d have had a month(ish) to decide.
Plus, you’ll be bored in a fortnight and could’ve helped me out with logistics :wink:

Did you get the binding registration email?

Are you planning on going with your family or solo?

No - Tried too late.
That was the above message I got when I went to register…
…going to try for IMA or BCN

Cheeky bar stewards!!!

Dear Poet,

We saw, that you tried to enter DATEV Challenge Roth 2020. We are very sorry you were just a bit too late and entries were already closed.

We would like to inform you, that Tri Travel offers a tour package including a guaranteed slot, so you might want to check or contact Shane (, he will be happy to assist you.

Have a great time and we would be thrilled welcoming you to Roth 2020.

I was there at 10:00:00 this morning and got a place. Roth is Logistically really easy for me, so should be a cheaper event. Already paid my 519 Euro.

Yeah. 0900 in the UK, I fecked up the timings