Good Source for CR2032?

I seem to get through these like a packet of mini cheddars*.

Local DIY has packets of 2 at £3.99

I like to shop there when I can but I’d rather have a fully charged packet of 12 for less than £23.94.

*Good cheap source of these wouldn’t be a hardship either.

Last time I got some I bought a 20 pack from Amazon. Was well under ten quid I’ll look for a link…

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I tend to stick with Panasonic as found they are more consistent, particularly in cold temperatures. Pack of 6 can be found online (ebay/amazon) for under a fiver, or most supermarkets will stock them if you want to support the high street.

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in my experience, unbranded or cheap branded (eg Lidl/Aldi etc) ones don’t last as long as good brands like Panasonic etc so I now stick with these. just google it - loads of offers out there with some specialist battery sales only companies.

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And that’s why I’m asking for a good source, plus the cheapest result on Amazon is likely some rando Chinese company that executes one baby per order and sends polonium laced cells.

Does “Amazons Choice” mean they’ve carried out any due diligence or is it some nonsense popularity based/paid for flag?

There are also those stocks of counterfeit branded ones sloshing around, so looking for brand is not always a good enough solution.

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I stocked up recently at Costco

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I’m tight !! And proud!!

But buying cheap ones of these is false economy.

Duracell from Tesco, expensive but last considerably longer than the rest, bought two fir four quid from booths yesterday to get me out of a tight spot were I was locked out of my car.


£5 for 2 is more than my LBatteryS!

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I thought counterfeit lead lined brand cigarettes were evil, but re-sealing plastic bottles of water with local tap did it for me.

I’ve seen things man, I’ve seen things…

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I’d been up 12 hours and had tried to open it manually 4554654455 times!

Green flag were no were to be seen … I’d have gladly paid 20 quid for one in that situation.
Had to use my belt fastener as a screw driver !

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