Government Fix Your Bike Scheme

Launches tonight at 23:45, each household can get 2x£50 vouchers towards bike repairs. They’re still registering repairers so hopefully some of the better independent ones near me sign up. I’d rather forgo the vouchers if I have to go to Halfords, unless they’re willing to take the voucher towards parts only.

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My mechanic wasn’t happy about them, apparently they were going to make it difficult to redeem, or they must be spent on parts, or something.
In all honesty I wasn’t listening much as all he does is moan about stuff so it may actually be a decent deal.


One local mechanic near me appears to be signed up other than that it’s Halfords.

Hopefully they get indies to use it rather than pushing everyone into a poor experience putting people off when they’re cranks inevitably fall off post service.

Yeah there are 3 near me and I wouldn’t touch any of the under-able, money grabbing corporate machines.
Hopefully they haven’t made it too awkward for the little guys.

The difficulty is the independents will struggle to get a bike that’s sat in the shed for 10 years anywhere near roadworthy for around £50. People will be abandoning them at cycle shops everywhere.

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How bad does a bike need to be to use this offer? I initially read it could be used for a service with a view to making bikes more efficient and smooth running/nicer to ride, but then some reports are talking about it for being to make bikes “roadworthy”. Does that mean the bike has to be unrideable to be looked at?

Ive had some good people working at Halfords. One even gifted me his own slightly obscure adapter because they didnt sell them.

So this site is where we as customers register for free vouchers to use with registered repair busineesses?

…aaaand the website is down.


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Put an old chain or cassette or BB on bike. Take to shop. Get diagnosed and get £50 off a new one being fitted. Simples.

Several of my LBSs are signed up to this.

Of course the website ain’t working.

The scheme is open to anyone in England who has an unused cycle in need of a repair.
However, as there are a limited number of vouchers available, please consider the needs of others before applying for a voucher and do not delay making planned repairs outside of the scheme should your circumstances allow it.
A full list of terms and conditions and eligibility criteria is provided when you register.

What’s to stop anybody from getting a voucher, selling it to LBS for £20 and then LBS claiming back £50?

“Civic Duty”

Is that the same civic duty that came into play when not stockpiling dunny paper? :thinking:

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Basically the same civic duty that is supposed to make us comply with any unenforceable guideline.

Stay at home
Self isolate
Wear a mask
Track & trace
Don’t scam the Furlough scheme
Don’t make people redundant when the furlough scheme ends


Scheme not eligible in Scotland🙁

You lot wanted devolved government…


If it’s anything like the bike to work scheme, my LBS will cash a voucher for anything you want :rofl:

They were happily letting people use bike to work vouchers to buy carbon wheels or to put towards more expensive bikes. They’d just produce an invoice for a “bike” for £1000 :roll_eyes:

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Anyone manage to get one of these vouchers?

My wife’s firm didn’t get that Memo.

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