GPX woes

Apologies for a new thread but wanted to get a few views. Don’t think it’s a Garmin issue or restricted to ultra thread.

I’ve only managed to get two courses in my watch before, one via Go Outdoors or whatever the app is called and one by link a GPX file that was converted and mailed to me.

I’m trying get this GPX file into my watch. I’m trying to download this GPX to my phone but when I click on it, nothing happens. I’ve emailed Mud Crew for a file but had no response.

I can download it to my MacBook but it downloads the code, not the route. I tried installing a GPX reader to my MacBook but it said it couldn’t open that type of file. I’d rather do it on my iphone.

Could anyone try downloading it just to see if the problem is my numptiness? (highly likely)

You need to scroll down a bit

it’s imported fine into OS Maps although I do have a Premium account with them and don’t know if you can import .gpx without this type of account

I could re-export it as another gpx file if you want me to send that to you?

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Works fine for me. I can download it on my (Android) phone then opening it opens Garmin Connect to import the course

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Loop it through plotaroute, there’s all sorts of shit gpx’s around, but the download option from plotaroute is really good and really reliable.

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The problem is, I can’t get it to download on my iphone in any form. The icon just does nothing for me?

That would be great mate thanks if you don’t mind. I’ll PM you my email.

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Thanks FB, got your file and got it into Outdoor Active and to GC from there :+1:

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happy to have helped :+1:

might be worth looking at OS Maps sub?

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