Gravel racing rant

This is a long from a thread on ST, he clearly has an axe to grind but isn’t totally wrong and a lot of ‘gravel’ could be substituted for tri IMO

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I couldn’t read all that; comes across as a nob. Comparing the TdF and Monuments to gravel racing, which is niche.

Undoubtedly a nob but there are some grains of truth in there.

Is Strada Bianca not gravel :sweat_smile:

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Gravel racing is niche and doesn’t have a pro field.

Summarised it.

Wouldn’t say it’s particularly like tri which has a world governing body and several high profile race organisers who are doing pretty well at broadcasting races, IM, Superleague, Challenge, WTC.

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TLDR it all but speed read bits

bloke has a gripe

‘nuff said

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It was more for the comparison with the contract/ pro stuff.

If you skim read, you miss a lot of it but as I said, it is a long read. Also as I said, he does have an axe to grind but I don’t think it’s a case of ‘nuff said’,

I think he hits the mark on some points but that’s just my opinion.

I think I understand what how trying to say. However using time gaps between first and last rather than median/bell curves makes his arguments look weak. Along with a number of other points he tries to make.

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