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It’s not public transport, it’s a coach you book through the organisers. You’re responsible for your bike & recommended to ask an LBS for a cardboard bike box.

You can make it a 2 day event, I think we’d all like to see you take part in that - & blog it - with @Poet :grin:


Ah right, from the aww shucks statement earlier I thought the layed-on transport wasn’t to get people back to he start; which would be odd! People are much more likely to enter if they’ve made the return logistics easy.


After having the weekend to think about it, I’m in :biking_woman:t3::mountain_biking_woman:t4:

Been meaning to do 322km for a while now; this year didn’t even attempt it. 2022 I got bored and turned round at Chester, 2021 I managed 200km before sacking it off, 2020 managed 262km.

Gonna get the train and camp :nauseated_face::face_with_peeking_eye::exploding_head:

Hopefully it’s all downhill to Morpeth :joy:


Good Man.

Me on the the other hand, I’m already thinking of binning it :smile: .

I think doing the Traws Eryri will bring me as much pleasure with fewer hassles.

Train to Machynlleth, overnight B&B, do it & train from Conwy :+1:


I was looking at that as a “warm up” but can’t figure out the trains from Machynlleth :person_shrugging:t3:

There’s a train from mine to Conwy, so that’s nae bother.

It’s just getting back is fraught!

What route back have you got in mind?

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I should be able to get trains to & from Shotton. Things look complicated atm because the railway bridge at Barmouth is having a major overhaul but that should be completed early in '24.

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Ah. Gotcha.
Love that bridge (and the free parking at the non-Barmouth end of it :joy::moneybag::heart_eyes:)

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Some good riding around there! Did a nice 100km loop taking in the bridge pretty much bang on a year ago!

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I’ve just ordered a 42cm one. Its a bit too cheap not too! I’m just hoping the centre round section is wide enough to get the aero bars on.

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I didn’t get in to Badlands. I’m 50% relieved and 50% irritated. But probably for the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you done any ultras previously? Do they any preferred selection criteria?

Nope, never done an ultra. I think the likes of Celtman and Fred Whitton are my longest cycles at ~200k. I’ve done lots of multi-day cycle camps and tours of the NC500, but nothing remotely like Badlands. It would have been a big shock. I skimmed the website and it didn’t mention any pre-requisites, which surprised me. There were no questions on the entry form about what are your palmares. If they’d said “show us on Strava where you’ve dome a 200 mile ride in last 12 months” then I’d have gone out and done one :slight_smile:


Can confirm this was a bargain and enough room to squeeze my aero bars on! No Haribo though :smiling_face_with_tear:

@GeordieM Do you have any other ultras your looking at?

The guys I ride with are talking about doing Leeds to Liverpool via the canal, sleep over after a few beers and then train back. I am thinking of riding there and back, sleeping there obviously. Should be about 210-220km each way.

Badlands had really sparked my fancy. But I’m on the lookout for something Sept time after the school hols. Might go do The Heb if it’s on. You’re doing TCR again?

I had a google for The Heb but struggled to find anything other than a running event. Yep we plan to enter TCR again, hopefully we get in!

The Heb is a 2 day groad cycling even with some hill running thrown in, located in the Hebrides. But it’s not yet being advertised for 2024. Sort of a lightweight adventure race. I need to Google some ultra cycling events and see what’s out there.