Gravel Riding Chit Chat

Comment on that UCI Worlds clip:
“my god, it’s like cyclocross and Dutch amateur road racing had a baby”.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Basically looks like Paris Roubaix on gravel bikes.


Granada, Spain, Sept 2024.

800k, 16,000m, 5.33 days, unsupported, solo or pairs.

Ballot entry. There’s a few good vids on YouTube. Bloody hard.


Nah fuck that. I’ve watched enough videos to totally put me off. The Fernwee boys have done some great videos on it if you haven’t watched them.

Guy we met on TCR went on and did Badlands straight after. Nutcase.

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They do look quite regretful and broken in their videos. Not sure why I’m still tempted. It looks beyond hard.

Its the forced dumb routing that irks me. Go across the beach, ride in this river bed (when there is a road right next to it.)

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Scot’s Borders gravel… Only just heard of it.

Would have entered this if I hadn’t entered Celtman the following weekend.

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FFS, I didn’t need to see that, another event starting 20mins from the 'rents hoose :man_facepalming:

What do I do now?

ETA…having looked a bit more, it’s ticking a lot of boxes.

  • reasonable price, £125

  • drop bags at 180km & 3 other feed/mechanic stations

  • transporting your tent & some shizzle to finish

  • getting bussed back to start for £45


It does look like a good event doesn’t it. Think it might be ballot / oversubscribed so no guarantee of entry anyways. I’m miffed it’s not a week or two earlier else timing would be ideal for me /selfish

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Is the nearest train station to the village hall really Dumfries???

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You can thank Beeching for that :worried:.


Presumably you have Beeching to thank for half the cycle tracks along the route too, so not all bad.


But seriously, is it?


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Cheers :white_check_mark:

Train is £13 from Warrington to Dumfries, then £22 Morpeth to Manchester :+1:t3:

I’m liking the look of this one :heart_eyes:



I didn’t RTFM properly :man_facepalming:

The bus transfer on offer is from Druridge to Colvend prior to the event, ie. on the Friday afternoon.

Anyway, I’m in. I’ll worry about logistics over the next month or so.


Yeah, that ride looks like a complete PITA logistics-wise if you’re having to be self supported.

Not really.
Arrive in Colvend.
Cycle across the country.
Get the bus back :person_shrugging:t3:
EDIT: they cart all of your camping equipment across for you, too. Or you can pay £50 to share a Yurt with five strangers - but proper mattress and bedding etc.

Weren’t you in The Army?
You’ve changed, man.

@Doonhamer - I think it’s my cousins wedding that weekend :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’ve got all my details in. £132.86 ain’t bad, is it!


Can you take the Bus with your bike; if so, how direct is it? Will the bus journey end up being more ‘epic’ than the event :joy: I haven’t used anything other than a P&R for what must be decades in the UK. Knowing how sparse & unreliable the services are around here, I would never consider it an option.

Fwiw I’m not looking to do it, as I’d like to do a multi-day river trip for my landmark next year. That’s an A-to-B but I’ll do that with at least one other person, so logs much easier car wise.

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Up to 50% refund 30 days out :+1:

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