Gravel Riding Chit Chat

Also, we need to see the bike!

With the newer Ass pedals you can change the bodies to Shimano I think? I was pondering this as I prefer Shimano pedals and I’m stuck with Look on my old Garmin Vector 3 random number generators.

These fit into some of the existing Shimano bodies if you have any lying around.

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There was a pair that would fit Shimano pedals if you removed the spindle but mine were older than that, I’ve been tempted to change them but also got 2 SRM’s doing nothing :roll_eyes:

It was so I could move them to 165 cranks but I’m not convinced about them either :joy: I’ve always been a lower cadence person which probably suits longer arms.

Same happened with mine.
I saw full GRX in the photo, didn’t read the spec :angry:

I bought a “brand new second hand” GRX610 single crankset for £65. Stages GRX810 for £285 (Winstanleys) and a compatible Token BB for £65, after chewing through four press fit ones :angry::x:

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These are the ones I bought, popped them into some Ultegra pedals

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I think I’ll go the assioma mx2 considering they are 495 for dual sided. Wheels took 20 mins in total to convert to tubeless and run them at 29 PSI


Watch out for VAT and import duties if ordering direct from Favero. :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, I forgot about that.
Edit - after looking I found a pair of Rally pedals at Startfitness reduced to £460, added a 10% discount code, my prize vouchers from the Wilddeer Duathlons so I managed to pick up the pedals for £350

Did the Yorkshire shores gravel Sportive yesterday. My legs felt rubbish all day. About half way I said to the guys I was riding with that I would ride with them to the road and then make my way back via the shortest route. Ended up riding about 10km to the road then cut East to the Whitby - Scarborough cinder track, which is on the route. Ended up cutting off less then 10km off what they rode :rofl::rofl:


Urgh. School memories of walking that to raise money every year :rofl::face_with_peeking_eye:


Gravel entertainment just landed:


I’d heard that Lachy won in a sprint, but watching that I thought I’d heard wrong.

For the average Joe cycling those long, pretty featureless straights must be grim AF.


Cheers dude :white_check_mark:

Some afternoon inspo for my weekend ride :heart_eyes:

Although, is any corner/turn not 45°?
It’s all pretty angular :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Another decent watch.

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Yeah, I watched that :+1:t3:
He came across as a bit of a knob - openly admitting he knocked someone off with his brake hood, catapulting them into a field, and was just like “soz pal :see_no_evil:

Last years Unbound (Connor?) was a mud fest, didn’t look much fun at all. Then the other route (this year) just looks like straight dull roads to ruin your bike :woman_shrugging:t4:

EDIT: No formula1 race this weekend? Ah, nae worries, pal, I’ll just come 2nd in my age group at Unbound instead :exploding_head:

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Easy my G’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What a wonderful weekend riding the Scott Frontier 300 :heart_eyes:

Looking for more events now :roll_eyes::shushing_face:

That UCI one in Ruthin looks a bit tasty!
1000m elevation per 57km :exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Maybe not for me, but does anyone ride them just for a day out? Or is it all a bit serious? (Thinking those who’ve done Gralloch might know :woman_shrugging:t4:)



I found the Gralloch quite intense, perhaps there were just too many entrants wanting to go faaaast. There are other events that look a bit more chilled/sportivey

I enjoy cycling from Ruthin - that can only be an hour or so from you? - up through Clocaenog to Brenig/Alwen & back. You do need to have a route loaded for your first few rides around there as once you’re enclosed in the forest as it’s really difficult to get your bearings without being able to see windfarms/mountain ranges/villages. There’s a cafe at Brenig to top up drinks if needed & garages in Ruthin to hose your bike down.

You do know that Tuscany is abroad, don’t you :grin: ?..looks ace though.


Cheers for the Gralloch tip. I’m not really looking for intense machoism, I’d do an Ironman™ if I wanted that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m aware Tuscany is abroad, aye :roll_eyes:

Ruthin/Clocaenog Forest is about 75-90 mins (depends on motorway traffic, or going via Delamere-ish way)

Whilst not riding I was surprised how lumpy the area is when I did the Chianti 100km.

What time of year?