Gravel Riding Chit Chat

Kielder was utterly grim - like WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END :rofl: I’d not do Dirty Reiver now, based on that.

Just featureless man made forest as far as the eye could see. And it was either up, or down. Zero flat.

At least in Scotland there was a nice view and some flat parts, plus some weird tarmac roads through the forests.


I’ve done some walking and running in Kielder forest (I used to live in Northumberland as a teen) and it is dull AF. The Dirty Reiver is not even on my radar for gravel sportives. The YouTube vids of the Reiver are unbearably boring.

Girona is next on my list for cycle tourism… perhaps a gravel week.


Got the wife and daughter sign-off, so long as I’m back for 10am for brunch, they’re happy.

Loads of brunch type hipster places, who all speak English :face_with_peeking_eye::rofl:

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You seen the weather this weekend and week???
Is this on?

This weekend would be ideal, but I’ve a massive ear infection making me miserable and sleepless. Got antibiotics. I’m hoping the good weather holds out another week…


Yeah, so erm … don’t watch this one :rofl:

(I did the 300km with this tailwind, final 10km we were doing 30kmh - 40kmh easily :rofl:)