Groupset replacement for 105 10spd

Looking for the current best value shimano groupset to replace/update a current 10spd 105 setup that is disintegrating. Rear mech cable snapped yesterday as well as the chain.

Last time I looked at this the 105 5800 groupset was the best compromise on latest v budget but would appear that was some time ago… 11spd required.

Looking at 105 or ultegra but not interested in the latest and greatest, more value driven…

What say ye?

I could flog you an Ultegra 6800 GS cage mech 11Sp. It’s sat in the garage doing nowt.

You are going to have to replace the chain whatever you do, so you are asking us if it is better to spend about £8 on a new cable or £400+ on new rear wheel and cassette, front and rear mech and a pair of shifters plus the time and effort to fit them plus possibly obsoleting any spare wheels/cassettes you have for the sake of gaining one or two intermediate gear ratios, and then at the end you tell us you are value driven?

Basically what @TonyStark says.

Both my bikes have 105 10 speed. Components are cheap as chips and readily available. Last week I put new jockey wheels, chain and rear block my tt bike for about £40. Purrs like a kitten now.


I’ve ended up with sram red 10 speed mechanical on three of my bikes, two road one tt.
My early di2 ten speed is ghost shifting… Rear mechs are expensive…


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New Tiagra is 10 speed and now has hidden cables, which always put me off the old one. About £250 for full groupset with cables, BB, brakes, the lot. Very happy with mine.

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in this instance it’s the ten speed that obsolete. My day to day hack and my TT are both already 11spd so everything ‘spare’ or swappable I have is already 11spd.