Not of the Girl variety.

Anyone ever helped a visually impaired athlete in training or racing?

One of our club coaches was training with someone but is now injured. Asking for help.

Imagine it’s quite rewarding… And have seen a few instances of guides and athletes across all disciplines. But interested if anyone has experience.

Things to consider…
Tandem bikes
Swimming technique effected?
Binding options in swim

Sure there’s a million things.

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Not tri but one of my old direct reports at work did the course to be a guide for running. I think he had to do a couple of weekend courses and some online study and work.

He said it was a great experience.

worked briefly with an ex RAF lad on a tandem…he was a good 12kg heavier than me and had no balance at all…it was an accident waiting to happen at every junction…

Isn’t that just every tandem? :smile:

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but i leave it quite late to lean and stop…and he would predict it usually a couple of seconds to soon…but when i started to predict him, his extra mass made it hard to lean the bike coz he fought against it…

i thought it prudent to go away and put on weight until we were more compatible…


I did help out once see
School Sports Day from June 2021 if I knew how to link it I would but I don’t. Great day


Brilliant post that, remember it well


You’re like a flippin memory vault you are good man!

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It does intrigue me. I know some guides split the disciplines up.

I think it’s the riding that gives me the fear. I’m so risk averse, the thought of someone else having control of the accelerator and not being able to see the dangers :face_with_peeking_eye:

Let a teenager drive you somewhere :smile:

I was on an EA coaching course over the previous weekend and one of the other students had done some guide running. They went through the EA trained route (not sure if there is a BTF equivalent or swim/bike equivalent versions) but this might be worth a look to see how you get some official training (and insurance).

The guy who had did it obviously said how rewarding it (like any pacing really I guess but with a twist) and obviously gives a different perspective to teaching people, conveying instructions, etc.

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Thanks for that - will have a read.
Just chatting to the guy now.

Done plenty of pacing at parkrun and local running events. Do always enjoy them (even when some of them were a bit of a stretch).


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Some of the regulars on TT1.1 did a lot of work on a project for visually impaired triathletes. Project VIper?

Mark Stride, who’s made the occasional appearance on TT2.0 was one of the main characters

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Indeed. Her Highness, Madame Steph de Stride guided a lady to be World Champ in her class.
Where abouts are you, mw22? I have a friend who guides runners…

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I’m Nottingham/Derby.

Ironically location is the thing that might scupper it.
45 min car journey each way. It’s not such a bad distance from my work, but I’ve usually not got the car with me either.
So can’t see how the logistic work for any regular training together.