I saw a story that popped up on my LI feed about this company. I had never heard of them before. Is it some kind of British Lu Lu Lemon cult?

It is a young lad who’s created a hell of a business.

I’m not sure what Lu Lu Lemon is?

Yeah I read an article recently too. Had a look at their website and the stuff looks very blah if you ask me; kind of one step up from Sports Direct. It’s not expensive though.

They did well by sponsoring IG influencers and content creators. You get someone with a few hundred thousand followers, bung them a couple of quid to plug your gear and give them a personal discount code to dish out. Much cheaper than traditional advertising.

There is 1 lady I saw in IG who is always plugging their shit. She has over a million followers. Very attractive young lady but irritating as fuck.

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It’s a good business model these days. Even if your product is average at best.

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The gear is actually good quality. I’ve got a couple of T-shirt’s and pairs of shorts. Good fit and comfortable, perfect for… well the gym really!

Its not my kind of kit, but big respect to the young lad for what he’s achieved.