Halfords closing Boardman Centre & Cycle Republic

Just seen statement from Chris Boardman saying he hopes to find a buyer.
It was always a bit above my level but possibly in wrong part of country, maybe nearer London would have done better.

Perfect timing :roll_eyes:

Cyclic Republic across the street from my office in the City. It was always a bit shit in terms of what they stocked, but the mechanics were very helpful, and one of them did me a solid once on a part I needed (for free).

A guy at the TT on Saturday had just been up there. £400 quid for 2 hours in the wind tunnel and it sounded really really time well spent. I had decided to go and treat myself rather than fork out for a disc wheel and then read this :frowning:

EDIT: to elaborate they took him from a previously fitted position he hated, to a very comfy position he loves for 0W cost overall. He smashed everyone to bits on Saturday too.


Just seen on FB that Boardman Centre has closed with immediate effect. I guess it’s been closed since the lockdown and with Halfords pulling the plug on it anyway there wasn’t any point carrying on. There was a footnote saying they still hoped to find a new operator but in the current climate you’ve got to wonder how likely that is.
I wonder if someone like Ineos could pick it up to do their own testing and the public sessions help offset some of the cost.