Halfords closing Boardman Centre & Cycle Republic

Just seen statement from Chris Boardman saying he hopes to find a buyer.
It was always a bit above my level but possibly in wrong part of country, maybe nearer London would have done better.

Perfect timing :roll_eyes:

Cyclic Republic across the street from my office in the City. It was always a bit shit in terms of what they stocked, but the mechanics were very helpful, and one of them did me a solid once on a part I needed (for free).

A guy at the TT on Saturday had just been up there. £400 quid for 2 hours in the wind tunnel and it sounded really really time well spent. I had decided to go and treat myself rather than fork out for a disc wheel and then read this :frowning:

EDIT: to elaborate they took him from a previously fitted position he hated, to a very comfy position he loves for 0W cost overall. He smashed everyone to bits on Saturday too.


Just seen on FB that Boardman Centre has closed with immediate effect. I guess it’s been closed since the lockdown and with Halfords pulling the plug on it anyway there wasn’t any point carrying on. There was a footnote saying they still hoped to find a new operator but in the current climate you’ve got to wonder how likely that is.
I wonder if someone like Ineos could pick it up to do their own testing and the public sessions help offset some of the cost.

What was the Boardman Centre just reopened as a kids trampoline, gymnastic, ninja? centre.
Glad it’s being used, and something active too, but wonder what happened to all the wind tunnel gubbins as appears to have been gutted.


Much better than gymnastics - although really you need parkour so you can learn to not injure yourself first.

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It’s all going up to the velodrome in Derby (for Huub and Dan Bigham to use) is what I’ve heard :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’d have had it out of the skip if that was how they were disposing if it. Probably not though.

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Bit big for your garage I’d imagine :sweat_smile:

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A wind tunnel fan would be ideal for Zwifting🤣