HAMBURG WASSER World Triathlon

I caught the email saw only 2mins to registration opening at 3pm and signed up before I figured I wanted to go or not. Maybe Lockdown is affecting me more than I had thought!


one of the very few World Triathlon events that took place last year (September) after COVID spread but restricted to elite athletes only and they canned the age group races.

have fun

COVID is the least of of your worries. There’s the dreaded Blue-green algae :scream:

I mean how bad could it be by July?

Insert World War Z clip here.

This was @Jorgan’s pic from a day after the Ironman :nauseated_face:, it was better for the race, and was fine when I did the ITU.

I really enjoyed the ITU but the course got busy and a fair bit of drafting.

That’s my protein supplement for the day covered :+1:

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How hot was it the day of @Jorgan’s ironman though?

pretty chilly or so I’ve been told, they were allowed neoprene gloves and boots in the swim


There was a heatwave, temperatures were hitting 35c on race day and the days before.

It was an Ironman on German soil, and I was entered. So it was always going to be very hot, or biblical rain :rofl:

Honestly, I’ve had two at 35 & 40 degrees, and the other two it rained incessantly nearly all day! ( Frankfurt '15 & Hamburg '19 …and Roth '08 & Regensburg '11). The two wet ones were 2 out of my best 3 times.


I don’t think anyone else is in for this but in case we have some lurkers out there…

“ While we are currently finalizing our event date as well as alternative options with local stakeholders, we would like to outline what your athlete options will be in the case that our race date needs to change. Please read on below in the Athlete Options section.”

So not postponed yet then.

If they do, then there is an option to defer or get a voucher for “a race in Germany until 2024”. Which is kind.

Just had a quick look and Alistair isn’t on the start list for Yokohama or Leeds. I would have thought he needs to do these to get to Tokyo.

he was on the Yokohama list last week so something’s happened to him.

Surely the Olympics is untenable this year; it would be a farce. Only half the world would probably be able to travel there…and that still doesn’t make it a good idea.

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I agree but all the official messages are that it is on and that he wants to go.

Dear athlete,

While our team had continued its preparations for a safe and enjoyable 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series Hamburg, after evaluating the continued status of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany with local authorities and the resulting restrictions in place, we regret to inform you that the event cannot take place [on July 10/11, 2021.