Hamstring Tendinopathy

Hi All,

HNY and all that!

Just wondered if anyone had any experience in dealing with Proximal (high) Hamstring Tendinopathy?
Been struggling with it since last April - seen a physio and Chiro and have been doing the exercises but really struggling to improve…

Any advice would be gratefully accepted!


Ps: Yes it is a real PIA.

What exercises have you been given? How often are you doing them?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been doing bridges - double and single, hip flexor stretches, deadlifts, single leg squats and some mobility and stretching.

Try to do them, or part thereof, at least some once a day.

What was the cause?

Hi eJC,
It was overuse.
Compounded by neglecting strength training, stretching, a desk job and turnning 50 - basically classic ostritch managment.

Mechanically I have very tight hip flexors.


Collagen supplementation maybe - studies weak and variable, but it was once much more common in the diet than you likely eat now.

Thanks JibberJim,
Actually some arrived in the post this morning (honest) - ChondroCare from nutri advanced.
Can’t do any harm!

I was actually imagining straight up collagen, (heard some people just eat unmade jelly to get the gelatin but collagen itself is cheap and easily available), mixed reports on it, and it’s one of those things where your tendons are likely to get better anyway, but it’s just a crap protein at worst.

Are any of these focussing on the eccentric phase? I would suggest something like single leg Romainian deadlifts, with the bridges also add a variant where you slide your foot/feet away. If you don’t have anything to allow that slide in a controlled way you caould slowly walk the feet out and back.

This page covers it well IMO hamstring tendinopathy rehab

Thanks for the info and link Pedro and sorry for the late response.

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Thanks JibberJim,
I am the new Lance Armstrong! But seriously giving it a whirl as will try anything to help with this issue.
Ps sorry for the late reply