Hatchback bike rack recommendations

Looking for a rear mounted bike rack to fit Vauxhall Adam any recommendations please? Only need to carry 1 bike ………want to avoid putting bike in car as it is Mrs Hen’s and I know I will get the interior covered in oil,grease,road debris, juice etc
If nothing comes up it will have to be yet another Thule foot pack……I must have every design they have made except the one I need
Cheers all

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If it’s just 'cos of dirt, a bike bag, no dirt inside the car, no damage or hassle installing the rack, no environment destroyed by the extra co2 from the shitter economy.

Cheers Jim hmmmmm don’t think that will work for me and environment is being helped by me not running a large mobile skip (estate or similar) which is causing the rethink on race logistics.

have you checked out Saris Bones - they do a 2 bike hatch carrier

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Saris Bones Single carrier on special at Halfords, picking one up later


good stuff

Any other recommendations on this old thread?

Going to need a rack for Wales in Sept. Roof rack will be taken with the roof box. Don’t have a tow bar on the Kia annoyingly.

Saris Bones ex3 is looking like a good shout.

I’m guessing Thule will be good, but expensive.

Issue is they seem to be generally limited to 3 bikes. So no future proofing for when we may want to take all the bikes. But I guess that’s a few years away realistically.

I’ve only ever carried my my bikes on the roof but you can usually fit a bike up there as well. Is your roof box the full width of the roof?

Ah, just realised that I recall that you are taking the family now?

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Yeah pretty much the whole roof. Not enough room for a bike.

I’m torn between getting a decent one now, or just buying/borrowing a cheap 2nd one for this one journey and then working out a longer term solution.

The Saris one looks good and has a dog leg to help with the rear spoilers. But the website says my car isn’t supported. I kinda doubt that, maybe they just haven’t updated the list, as there are pics of it on very simialr looking cars. It says it’ll fit the Hyundai Tucson, latest version, which is very very similar to mine (but was released a year or so earlier).

Thinking required.

If you are going to take bikes away regularly, especially on camping trips when the car is otherwise loaded, I would recommend a tow hook rack. You can get ones that fold down to still allow access to the boot while bikes are attached, and you can get ones to take 4 bikes.

Not cheap though, as getting a tow hook fitted is a few hundred to start with. So I would go for borrow / 2nd hand for this trip (1 bike only?) and look at other options for the longer term.


Cheers. Can really get a tow attached now as it’s a lease car. But I think I’ll probably spec it on the next one when it comes to renewal.

Left field option is to get a tow hitch rack and take the old beemer. My roof racks fit both cars, so can still take the box. Would then have a longer term solution for the bikes. Then if in the next 2 years we want to go on an all-family bike thing (unlikely at the mo as the little one isn’t very good yet) then we just take the X1.

I’m just a total snob and only like driving my new car now! :joy: :joy:

I think it depends on the thickness of the spoiler as to whether you can get the upper strap ends on properly. I can’t on my mini.


How much crap are you taking???
With the wheels off, it’ll fit, plus passengers in each seat. Just :face_with_peeking_eye:

Give that a whirl.

Me. Not much.

The rest of them! A fair bit normally :joy: