Hatchback bike rack recommendations

Looking for a rear mounted bike rack to fit Vauxhall Adam any recommendations please? Only need to carry 1 bike ………want to avoid putting bike in car as it is Mrs Hen’s and I know I will get the interior covered in oil,grease,road debris, juice etc
If nothing comes up it will have to be yet another Thule foot pack……I must have every design they have made except the one I need
Cheers all

If it’s just 'cos of dirt, a bike bag, no dirt inside the car, no damage or hassle installing the rack, no environment destroyed by the extra co2 from the shitter economy.

Cheers Jim hmmmmm don’t think that will work for me and environment is being helped by me not running a large mobile skip (estate or similar) which is causing the rethink on race logistics.

have you checked out Saris Bones - they do a 2 bike hatch carrier

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Saris Bones Single carrier on special at Halfords, picking one up later

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good stuff