Heathrow Parking options

Need to book something for my Hamburg trip (Terminal 2), using my app that gives discount.

I like the idea of valet parking as I’ll have a bike box, but pretty much all the cheaper providers have bad reviews when I Google them. Should I just go park & ride? NCP P&R is £38 whereas the official LHR meet/greet is £80.

Park & Ride every time - I don’t think there’s a decent Meet & greet left that doesn’t park your car in a field in Aberdeen.

At £80 you could park in the wilds of Surrey and take a taxi in - have you got friends near there who would let you use their drive ?

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I’ve always used Puple Parking at LHR, they are very good IME. Once we had to catch a very early flight to Vienna and this was in the days before they did 24hr pick up, so we had to drive to the compound and get their shuttle bus.

Unless things have changed, this place was ultra secure, nothing was getting in and out of their without multiple ID and confirmation number checks. Razor wire everywhere, it was like driving into a prison.

At Gatwick I always use valet, as every other option sucks donkey’s balls.

I usually go with the valet parking option if I’m travelling with a bike. It just takes out a bit of the stress of travelling if you can skip the extra step of the shuttle bus from the car park to the terminal.

Apart from the occasional long wait for the car on our return, my only bad experience was at Gatwick, when I checked the trip computer after we’d left the airport and it already had 50 miles on for that journey :astonished: . The car was a crappy old VW, so not necessarily something you’d want to go for a joyride in, but someone had clearly been using it as a runaround while we were away…

Another vote for Purple parking at Heathrow. Used it last year for a very early flight to Copenhagen. Looks really secure and is only a short bus ride away - didn’t have to wait long for the bus either. May be a slight pain in the arse with a bike box depending on how busy the bus is.

I’m guessing Wednesday late morning won’t be too frenetic :crossed_fingers: