Helen Jenkins

Good to see HJ is finally getting back to racing again with her debut 70.3 coming up shortly out in the Middle East. Read an article the other day that said she couldn’t even walk after having her baby, so great to see her back at (hopefully) full strength.

No idea how she’ll fair, buti hope she goes well!

Yeah, but is she doing this year’s marquee HIM, Outlaw Half Bowood eh? I wonder if I can rope anyone else here into doing it :sweat_smile:


I reckon she’s running scared of the competition at the Outlaw half and decided to do the 113 instead :rofl:

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I wonder if any TTers will be at the 113 this year?

Not sure if you count me as a TT’er, but i’ll be there… Symes is doing it to.

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Enjoy! Hopefully they have changed the 113 bike back to the usual course, with the hill and fast descent. Well, that’s what I would prefer personally!

:thinking: Surely the fact you were able to reply proves you are a member of the happy family. Unless you just want us to regenerate your house and then leave.

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