Hello Everyone

Hello all , just joined forums. After doing 1 race last year i am trying to take it more seriously this year. Just wanted to say Hello and hopefully find some top tips!.

Will probably post later with some questions if thats ok, when i have more time. Have a good day all im off to parkrun :slight_smile:


Welcome Neemo

Hi. Welcome! I hope you find plenty of useful info here. I would love to contribute to your experience on the Forum, but I rarely get chance to post here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Welcome Neemo. You’ll find lots of useful advice and helpful folks here.

If you’re brave, you could post a picture of your garage. :laughing:

I’ve not visited TT for such a long time, I’ve not done a tri now for 6 years, but when I started I posted on here and got some great feedback, so that is what I am doing now … welcome and enjoy.


Yay wiganer is back :smiley: