Help selling my bike

Hi all,

I’m trying to sell my TT Bike (Ribble 105, done c.40 miles); don’t really enjoy riding it and if I’m honest, think I’ll do myself a mischief if I try again.

I’ve tried a couple of Facebook groups and had a few messages but no concrete offers. Is there anything I’m missing? Anywhere you would recommend?


Have you tired the Tritlathlon and Time Trialling UK facebook group. That’s pretty well frequented.

Otherwise are you a member of a tri club? I put my old TT in our groups FB group and sold it straight away.

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If it’s a ribble ultra tri I know someone who wants one…?

There’s a buy and selling forum page on the time trialling forum

Thanks all for your replies!

I’ve got a 105, Medium frame and immaculate condition. Let me know if the below if of any interest…

Trying to work out what’s going on in your pain cave. That’s quite a collection of ?rubber washers?? hung on the wall

Sadly not mine, picture taken after a bike shop had given it a once over.

My pain cave is a dark and stuff garage, complete with a 10+ year old C2 rowing machine and some barbells.


Get a pic on the thread bikes are no longer if interest we need to see the ‘suffer house’