Hex wrench. Help me decide

At the risk of ‘out Peoeting Poet’ I’m in the market for some hex/torq wrenches. I have a folding set of Park Tool allens, a ‘spinner handle’ in my screwdriver set with bits, which can be a bit of a PITA swapping, and some small bits in my Tent Tools socket set.

The candidates are:

might not answer your question but i have a very cheap set of hex keys for basics I got from the velodrome shop but I have this torque wrench and use little else apart from a park tools pedal wrench https://www.wiggle.co.uk/bbb-torquefix-kit-btl73?lang=en&curr=GBP&dest=1&sku=225299&kpid=225299&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Shopping+-+All+Products&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mckv|sit5ExdVP_dc|mcrid|295296961877|mkw||mmt||mrd|225299uk|mslid||&mkwid=sit5ExdVP_dc&pcrid=295296961877&prd=225299uk&pgrid=57437518777&ptaid=aud-1075034633407:pla-576422686939&gclid=CjwKCAiA57D_BRAZEiwAZcfCxZHYqWu7AeZP1GVOA7nBddeboUVFr70qL9K1BdNI59xLjD815VzI9xoC3ZkQAvD_BwE

That first set looks lovely.

The second will probably do just as good a job though

Thanks, I already have the PRO version. (IIRC) it was about £90, I only use it for torque-ing though, I don’t use it as a ratchet.

I like the idea of the T handles but I also like the idea of having ball ends.

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I would suggest looking outside of bike specific tools for this; specifically Facom.

I have 20 plus year old set of facom t-handles that are still perfect, a lot less spendy.

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My question is around the P handle vs the T handle really. I’ll probably decide on brand later.

Facom tools are excellent

Also another brand to look out for are Hazet, they’re German but not that cheap

Apologies @FatPom this isn’t what you’re asking!

I don’t think you need to spend so much (& I like my tools), Draper Expert imo has the best value/quality ratio.

Decided to splash out a bit. Mrs FP wanted me to get the singing/dancing Silca Folio set but I went for these instead:


You know the Silca will be as good as you can get.

Indeed. Plus, I get to keep my membership in the ‘all the kit and still shit’ club. :smiley:

Silca. That way you are sure to out-Poet @Poet . Their mini torque wrench set I have is sublime. Had to import it off kickstarter at the time.


I’ve got some B&Q bad boys.

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I nearly went for the Silca set that are in the wooden box (£140) as the come with a Torx adaptor but they also had other bits I don’t need and no T27. Then I thought that I need these for the garage and the will likely sit in a bench top tool drawer.

With that in mind, i figured the box would be a waste. I may have an opportunity to put a tall/narrow strip of peg board on the garage wall but not huge. I started to think about how much room P handles take up and also, the T handle sliders don’t have ball ends, so I ended with the Silcs 'L’s.

I do fear I might have opened a Silca gate that will be hard to close though. I’m also looking at the lovely PB Swiss ratchet screwdriver.