Holkham half or Cotswold 113?

Anyone done both of these? Would you recommend one over the other?

What are they both like? I hear the 113 is fast but is it a boring course?
I think they both are about to sell out so I need to decide pretty quick!!

113 isn’t a boring course, but I did an amended version.
It was much more like a TT course than a triathlon course, bar one 180 degree turn.
I really enjoyed it, you could just get into a rhythm and go - I only needed 3 gears!

Not done Holkham

The Holkham course isn’t as flat as you’d expect from Norfolk. Definitely got some lumps and undulations on the bike, and the run has some climbs too.

Cotswold 113 will definitely be a quicker course than the Holkham event.

If you’re looking for a beautiful location and more interesting course, Outlaw Half Holkham can definitely give you that.

Hopefully the original 113 bike course will be back next year, as I found the temporary one a bit flat/boring tbh. Either way it’s fast, but the usual course has a hill on each lap and more technical sections and a fast windy descent each lap.

I don’t plan to do the 113 next year though, as I need some variety!

I did the Cotswold Classic (same course just a few months after 113) last year and enjoyed the bike course. Although I’m not used to flat courses so it was a nice change for me! I’ve not done Holkham but tempted to give it a go this year.

Having focused pretty much on track athletics and TT’ing this year I needed something to get the Tri mojo going again, so after all the favorable reviews on this forum I’m in for the Costwold 113 in 2020. Got a mate who lives in South Cerney so assuming I can stay there it should be a dead easy one logistically.