Holly bush

When we first moved in here 15 years ago, I planted a holly bush behind our back fence/gate. It’s a private lane.

15 years later, it’s about 6foot tall and the same wide.

I now want to be able to use the gate to get in and out the lane.

This bush is vicious! Any tips on easily removing,cutting it down without getting totally ripped to shreds?

get somebody else to do it?? :rofl:


:rofl: I like that answer but paying for it to be done is a no no.

Just replaced the washing machine as it finally died after 15 years and had the car in for repairs this week as well.

the you just have to man up, don some thick clothes and gloves and get into it!

do you have a pair of loppers?? that means you can get in and cut some branches back without having to get too close to the sharp leaves.

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Yeah, thought that might be the answer. There’s an old set of loopers in the shed somewhere😬

I thought this was a euphemism, terrible shame when I realised it was literal.

Unless you want something drastic, just try pruning, little and often. That way, you can keep the shape and not ruin the thing for the next 15 years…


That would be fine, but i think it’s growing over the gate that I need access to. I’ll have a look. It’s in my ever expanding list.


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Holly’s bush needs a trim?


@roscoemck – Good luck tackling the Holly.

I’d agree with the use of loppers, if you have them, to avoid getting too close.

My only other suggestions would be, so cut it down in small pieces.

Then use two pieces of large stiff cardboard, acting like tongs, to pick up and bag the cuttings.

As, whilst it is easier to cut big sections down, you then have to pick that bit up to make it smaller.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a pair of gloves that Holly spikes can’t find their way into. :roll_eyes:

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:

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a good pair of leather builders gloves is what I use - they’re not the best fitting but at least they keep the spikes out (and rose thorn and hawthorns). also good when tackling brambles


Really can’t wait😬