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Yeah we have no window in the garage and an internal door at the opposite end to the roller door. The internal door leads to a porch and the front door, which in a pinch, I could open, as we have another internal door that actually goes into the house. So I can in effect, ‘seal the house off’ from an open garage.

Blimey… this takes me back.

In my old house I set up a Concept2 Rowing Machine in the garage… The same garage with a gap between the door and ground, and the concrete floor maent it was significantly colder in there than outside (aside from summer, where roles were reversed).

I remember one joyous December morning of -14. Horrific.

Anyone able to recommend some decent stretch cords/resistance bands with handles (not paddles). Mine have snapped, unsurprisingly after 15 years. Bought a cheap set last week and they’re rubbish. Seem to be lots available of the type of combining multiple bands to a carabiner but now doubting if they’re all the same tripe.
Considering just shelling out £30 for the Finis ones to get a named brand that would likely be good, but that seems a lot of money for only one band compared to the sets.


I have a couple of these, red and blue. Had them a number of years, they work.

I’ve just bought a £10 pair of off Amazon.

Never owned a pair before so have nothing to compare to. You’re a significantly stronger swimmer than me though, so may find them shite!

I went for the green ones


Edit - seems they’re 15 pounds now!!

Why don’t you just go swi…

(Oh yeah, I remember now)



And the lakes are too cold! :cold_face:

I wont be stood doing 100s of swim stroke style reps like I’ve heard some people do to try replicate swimming, I don’t really think that works/worth the time. This is something to use as ongoing home gym for all-body fitness, not really to replace the lockdown lack of swimming.

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Thanks to you and @Adam

Given these a go. Added safety bonus from the sheath - I got a nasty lashing across my back on poolside once when one snapped.


Our regional distribution warehouse has just taken delivery of >12000 packs (pairs) of weightlifting wrist straps. Seems a bit excessive to me as I only ever see a handful of serious lifters using them at the gym.

getting ready for home gym lockdown III innit.

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coffee machine is essential!!!

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Current pain cave is a cold dark garage with a dumb trainer and my bike in there. No electricity yet so no fans, zwift, tv so I usually just listen to a podcast/audiobook on rides, or just focus on how uncomfortably hot I’m getting despite it being freezing outside.

Strength training wise I have a trap bar I have started using once a week and a portable pull up/dip station that I haven’t used enough as it needs to be set up in the garden (and so requires good weather!).

In the house I have some adjustable dumbbells and a couple bands.


I’d like to buy a compact multi-gym to work on glutes, shoulders, legs and general strength. Post op on my shoulder I don’t want to use weights bar. It’s a new world for me so I’m overwhelmed by the choice. Should something like this do the job? https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8041982

This should sort you out:


Help you get swole.