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Evening all,

We’ve recently moved and I’m looking to build out my garage gym. Already have a good s&c range and Concept2 rowing machine; anything else I’m missing?

Looking at various treadmills but reliability seems an issue, and a Wattbike is kind of redundant with the Turbo in place…




(I’m just trying out “lifting”)

look at nordic track for good quality home treadmills. @TransitionTed always used to say go for recon gym ones as the best option.

I’m always mentally building my own garage gym. But can never justify it given free access to two excellent gyms at work, plus a good turbo set-up in the spare room.

Top of my list for my hypothetical garage gym is a sauna (hot, not infra red). They can be bought cheap off Gumtree (collect and dismantle). Power rack, weights, kettle bells, clubs are a given. Perhaps a finger board on the wall too. Money no object then an endless pool but they’re huge and expensive.

I’m envious.

coffee machine for that weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, hyper, hit?

Thanks all - unfortunately the endless pool is slightly out of my price range!

Anyone had any experiences with the Technogym MyRun?

I think there’s a lot of Technogym stuff at Virgin Active, but I can’t recall if the treadmills are. Maybe pop in your local VA pretending to be interested in membership?

If you want some inspiration there’s lots of photos of “pain caves” and home gyms in this thread (US orientated):

TrainerRoad Forum: Let’s see your paincave

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Good topic. I’m getting my garage together, which will mainly consist of Turbo/Zwift/TV.
However I’m considering renting a treadmill for the winter to prepare for Endure 24. Won’t be running on one exclusively by any means but family commitments and a treadmill at home make the convenience appealing.
Seems like £60p/m for a decent one is the rate?

Mine is in that thread, same username.

I’m “renovating” mine at the moment but it’s just bikes, turbo, fan and Apple TV for training.

An Ikea desk for white collar work, and a steel desk for blue collar.

Never occurred to me that you could rent them. I’ll have to remember that. Main benefit of a treadmill to my mind is turbo->treadmill bricks - tremendously time efficient.

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Where can they be rented? My son has expressed interest in running again but won’t go outside due to his anxiety issues.

I found this site last night.


The HR5000A seems to get good reviews. If I get into CCC maybe a Nordic Trac would be better?

The first one in their list you can buy for under £400 instead of hiring at £14 a week.

I’m not interested in buying one.

Presumably hire has the advantage of effectively giving you a service contract to deal with any reliability issues - which seems to be a significant concern for home gym treadmills.
You can also send them back over the summer and free up space!

As well as all the training kit, you’ll need to think about all-important temperature control and ventilation.

This bit for me. It’s a means to an end in winter but my garage isn’t big enough to allow it to sit there all summer and do nothing.

Mostly will be a fan for cooling, a heater for when I’m working on the bikes and not training. Ventilation will probably be opening the roller door a bit.

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In our last house I had reduced ventilation to keep it warmer; as a result mould started forming on various items in the garage. So it’s a fine balance. I only used to use the side access door in that house though; in the current house the main door is open a lot more.