How do you this thing again?

Yeah… So it’s been years since this has been put on! And I can’t remember the last time I tried to actually swim! OK, so tonight is going to be a pathetic, short version of swimming. But still!

(comeback?! :joy:)


Haha, don’t forget your armbands :joy:

Ironman next year at this rate!


Update ****

I bleddy loved it! The sea was like a mirror, sun had just set over the red cliffs, beautiful pink sky, barbies along the stoney beach. Couldn’t have been any more picturesque!

Whilst my arms tired within seconds, I was very surprised to find that muscle memory kicked in pretty quickly and I got into my wetsuit stroke pretty easily. I thought it/I was going to be horrendous. But aside from my lack of stamina, my swimming wasn’t much worse (peaked at a 70min IM sea swim) and my sighting was pretty good. So glad I went down!


Stony beach and red cliffs - has all the sand gone? used to just skinny dip there, no need for wetsuits!

Budleigh beach … no sand there. maybe a tiny bit at low tide, bur that’s all.

The nudist bit was at the opposite end of the beach to me!! hah a

Ah, yeah, always think of that as murky brown cliff’s 'cos the sun’s not on them.

Glad to hear the nudist beach is still there!

Eek. Not even sure I can fit in my wetsuit anymore.

But like you - did a bit of sea swimming in Nice this weekend and it was brilliant. I may even consider an actual swim in an actual pool tomorrow.

@gingerbongo is this you training for the SwimRun we’re going to crush like a grape?

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