How many bananas?

For a 3.5hr brick.

2hrs bike 1400 kcal

1.5hr run maybe 1200 kcal

25? About 100 in one isn’t there.

Someone else can come along and tell you the potassium overdose (even though bananas aren’t actually that high compared to their reputation)

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at least one every morning while making a cuppa.

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That’s a lot of fibre for the run if you’re fuelling purely on bananas :flushed::poop::poop::poop:


I’ve had one small one so far. 13 mins in. Maybe tuck into a large now.



A good breakfast , which may or may not include bananas but would definitely include muesli.
about 1.5l of sports drink and some cereal bars on the bike, but no bananas because they get warm and/or mushy.
watery squash type drink in “T1” aka the front hall when dropping the bike. straight out, no faffing with bananas.
Nothing on the run.
Lunch afterwards.

that’s what I did last year anyway while training for cots

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Breakfast was ages ago.

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aaaaaand there’s more than one way to skin a rabbit.

good effort :muscle:

Water. Just water.

Or maybe some Zero Tabs.

You should not need much at all for that :woman_shrugging:t4:

I’ve done Cots113 on about 500ml sports drink and a single gel twice now.
Anything more than that is a luxury and you’re just being greedy :pig:


The answer is 7.

I know this because I ate 5 and a half, and was feeling a bit tired when I cut the run short at an hour. :smiley:


Do you eat it raw, or do you have to bring a camping stove with your or something? This doesn’t seem time efficient.


The answer is 42

Now you have to work out what the question really was


That’s because you ate 5.5 bananas :wink:
And your body was all like “WTAF!?!? This is enough food for a small army and I cannot digest it, time for a lie down”


Sounds like an awful lot of bananas for that long a session, surely you get bored on them by number 5!


I don’t really eat them for the culinary interest.

Some gels on the run would’ve been nice.

And four pints of ale after, but we can’t have everything, can we?

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funny story about bananas

a good few years ago my dad had a heart attack ( he still with us)they asked him about his diet during rehab and he said i eat plenty of fruit he said “i have at least 2 bananas a day”

they said that could be the reason your potassium levels are to high !! he never eaten one since :wink:


Wish I had a banana this morning. Failed halfway through.

Coffee, toast and peanut butter isn’t cutting it anymore.

This is the problem with telling anyone anything ever.


Are you doing this or something? :banana:


It’s all lies.

Apart from the event name there is no mention of bananas and their partner is SiS.

For. Shame.


Human Race have been running the “Banana Triathlon” series at Dorney for 20-odd years.

I think there was a sponsorship connection to bananas in the early years and I guess they’ve just stuck with the name for sentimental reasons :man_shrugging:

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