How many events can you watch at once?

I have IM Austria, Challenge Roth, ITU Hamburg (on the phone) and Zwift going at the moment.


And your Challenge trophy ‘accidentally’ in the background as well! :wink:

Ha that was my Challenge Iceland 1st loser award, it was the most northern triathlon in the world at the time. The trophies are there to taunt and remind me I was a reasonable AGer a few years ago. Trophies etc are now relegated to the shed where I work

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What happened with the times?
Was the wind at Roth that bad?
Just scraping a sub8, pfft :wink:

Austria also looks grim in parts.

Roth was windy early on and predicted to get worse. The air temp was only 18 degrees but water was 24 so it would have made for chilly start I doubt the saline drips will be in demand this year. Austria looks grim as well. The mixed relay was a bit meh as well