How many swimmers per lane

If you have a fast/medium/novice lanes in a standard 25m pool how many is swimmers do you think is enough in each lane.

Each lane is doing the same set so it’s acceptable to have more than standard but what’s the tiping point.

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At my local DL, the answer is 2 as they swim side by side


Same - more than two and it falls apart - I’m massively antisocial when it comes to swimming though

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Assuming this is a private hire pool though running a squad session? All lanes doing the same set.

So surely 4-6 per lane would be perfectly workable, think that’s what the Masters club did back in the annals of time when i last did a swim session, 10 years ago.


Depends. All swimming roughly the same pace, understand the etiqutte, then 6.

In a normal public pool if there is more than me in a lane its usually and irritating disaster


If you consider each person at full stretch is on average 2m long, and you want that distance at least between swimmers, then the snake will start eating its tale at 12 swimmers in a 25m pool. That would be pretty grim though, I reckon 8 maybe 10 at a push

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6 is probably what I’m used to. Any more & the tail-end Charlie is always doing 5mtrs less than the first finishers…which is possibly a relief to them :grin:.


I agree that 6 is enough in a 25m pool. Any more and it’s a bun fight. 4 or 5 is probably what I’d consider the perfect number, enough people to spark off & push each other on, without too much mayhem.

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We’d have 8-10 across 3 double lanes in a 25m pool. If it’s a single lane, 8 would be max.

This is key. If similar pace, 4 or so is okay.

If one is painfully slow, then just the two of you in is a PITA.

However, while we’re on the subject, I’d happily rip the eyes out of people that push off the wall in front of you then swim at 2:15 per 100m in the fast lane.


Swimming is cheating, therefore the correct number of allowable swimmers in a lane is zero. QED.


I personally like 4/5 but 6/7 is ok if everyone is roughly similar. More than that it gets painful.

6 comfortable. 8 only if theycanpacetgemselves.

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I’d also go with;

4-5 is lovely

6 is permissible if all are the same pace

8 is uncomfortable/annoying.

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6 would be my vote for an upper limit, with 4 much nicer. Can lean towards an extra one the slower they are.

6 people at 5s gaps means last person setting off 25s behind leader, meaning the leader is going to lapping them very quickly if you’ve got fast swimmers.

^ obviously not a problem for triafleets who will fit all 6 people into one 5s gap :roll_eyes:


My old coach used to put 10 people in a lane sometimes to get used to the biff.
He was a bit ‘old school’ :smile:


Covid rules were 6, 3 at each end per double lane, so we generally stick to that although we go up to 8 sometimes depending on attendance. Have coached 10 in an SCM pool and its difficult to manage especially with (limited) draft effect.


why is each lane doing the same set?

Should have said each person in that lane is doing the same set.

You should try running a swim session leading into major champs and swimmers main sets involve a lot of first form. (especially as in some situations you will also have lanes separated by distance, ie distance freestyle lane 1, 200/400 lane 2 and sprinters lane 3).

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