HRM Straps

I don’t think there’s a thread about these…

My Garmin TRI strap has stopped working again. Garmin replaced it twice but all good things come to an end and I need to buy a replacement strap which won’t be Garmin :slightly_smiling_face:

What are the recommended hrm straps these days? Wahoo seems to have some reliability problems like Garmin. The Coospo H808s looks ideal but not sure if it can be worn in water, does anyone know? I want to be able to wear it under a trisuit/wetsuit. Any others to consider?


Assuming your watch is a Garmin, if you want HR recorded from your swim, the only option is a Garmin strap (Tri or Pro, might be another one). It only syncs after the activity, so you cannot view HR while swimming.

If your Tri has died when you replaced the battery, the Pro has a new battery enclosure, which has worked for me on the one battery change so far.

If you don’t care about HR from the swim, then most basic HRMs should be waterproof, worth going for a dual Ant/BLE for max compatibility, especially with apps like Zwift. I have a CooSpo, and although I’ve never swum with it, it says it’s waterproof.


Thanks Buzz, I saw the new Pro plus after I posted and I’m tempted to give it a try.

Edit, purchased. I had a 25% discount code for the Garmin which only made it twice as expensive as the Coospo. Bargain, right? That’s right up there with MrsB’s maths :roll_eyes:


I contacted Coospo support yesterday and asked if their hrms can be worn under a wetsuit. They replied this morning, “I’m sorry.Our product does not support swimming.You should check garmin heart rate monitor.”

Good job I got 25% off the Garmin then :slightly_smiling_face:

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anyone used one of these ,i have been through 2 off wahoo chest straps in last couple of years getting fed up with wasting money on them and keep changing battery

Sorry Stiv, can’t help you on this.

But I think I mentioned elsewhere that my Garmin Pro strap had got really erratic despite being only 20 months old. I got onto their support saying I was disappointed it hadn’t lasted long and got a typical first line response with a link to their web page with the usual suggestions.

Emailed back saying I’d tried them and still waiting for a response, in the meantime I’ve had a rate my support experience so I’ve let them have it :grin:

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I have been using a lifeline BLE/ANT monitor and strap since May 2022 without issue on the turbo. I have destroyed so many wahoo monitors that after the 5 replacements I discovered this one for 16.50 at wiggle. I turbo a lot so used daily and sweat a lot and it has been faultless