HS Elastic Laces

How do you lace them up?

What’s this bit for?

Google isn’t helping neither is the higher state website or YouTube!

lace the elastic through laceholes as usual, feed each end through the clamp bit, and then each end through the stopper - and tied a knot in the end. the stopper stops the lace pulling back through when you tighten the clamp up

Like this?

Then cut off the ends?



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Funny you should ask, as yesterday morning I swapped my pair from the first pair of shoes I put them on back in like 2013 to a pair of Vaporfly. A last minute change before my sprint tri.

I should t have bothered wearing the Vaporfly, had a crap run probably completely overbiked… it was only the 3rd time in a bike all year… each one of those a race of some sort.


Forgive me for being stupid but I have never understood why people use these. What’s the point?

Because it takes a second to tighten the lace, compared to trying to tie proper laces when you’re potentially cold, wet, shaking and knackered?

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Short course concern for me. A few seconds can cost places, as I noticed last year.

I use elastic laces sometimes, very useful for duatlon but I never use that stupid toggle thing. I get them set right, then leave about 3cm and cut the two ends, then burn the end with a lighter. The nodule you produce prevents it from pulling through and doesn’t fray.

You also don’t get that annoying tapping from the toggle.

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I use the xentex knotted elastic laces where there no need for any adjustment


I’ve seen those but not tried, they look great.

Those round elastic laces rub like fu** in Alphas.
I had massive blisters after just 4.5km on the tops of my feet.

I find with the 4%, there is zero need for elastic laces due to the upper being stretchy. I can get mine on and off without untying them:

I’m toying with buying some custom FlyKnit Next% with a waffle sole and toggle laces…


This is why I asked, I can get all my running shoes on without undoing the laces (not at the same time :sweat_smile:). I double knot them where they are comfy and can slip them on easy enough. I only tie them again if they come undone as they occasonally do.Now a clever way of clipping your helmet on with cold hands, I’m in for that.

But thank you for enlightening me. I assumed that is why but wasn’t sure.

Edited as I know someone would mention getting ALL my shoes on.


That would imply you have all your trainers pretty loose?

The Flyknit upper is extremely stretchy, they are the only pair of (running) trainers where I’ve left the laces tied. I’ve not experienced another upper anywhere close to being that stretchy. Given it was so stretchy it did always make me wonder how they felt so secure when on my feet…

I guess I must wear them more loose than others but I never do it to get them on and off quickly. It’s just that’s where I find them comfy. Once the runners are on though, my feet don’t move about within the shoes.

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I’ve used elastic laces in my runners since a long time ago and always swap new shoe laces out. only runners I don’t have them in is off-road ones as mud suck can pull the shoes off if not on tightly.

I too must wear my 4% quite loose as I can slip them on and off with out touching the laces.

Can’t do that with the next% and I have the elastic laces that @leahnp pictured above - they did take a bit of faff to get comfy though

My Pegs and my ZF3s are the only pairs that i leave the laces as they are and slip them on and off.

Next2s i like to do them up each time to get a good, tight lock as the only time i’m wearing these, i’m (hopefully) running quickly. Same for my Scott and Innov8 trail shoes, i want them freshly tied each time.

You got me thinking for Cots now. Though i’m not overly fussed on, what, 10 secs max to be sure of my shoe fit. I don’t bother with the shoes on the bike for a half either :astonished:

tried them once - couldn’t get on with the faffiness

Don’t do it at Cots113.
Its a chalky, gravel type exit, your feet will be caked in grime.
Put your shoes on first :+1:

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