Huub Ex-Demo Sale

Good Morning all.
I have zero affiliation to Huub, apart from us both being in Derby for a few years.
I own one of their wetsuits currently and rate it as above good.

Their frankly obscene ex-Demo sale is on now.
If they have your size, it is quite ridiculously reduced:


Thanks for the link. Got a better than half price Archimedes III.

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:grimacing: I’ve just bought a Roka but it’s a bit snug! trying not to follow the link :rofl:

Paid for an Archimedes last year and they sent me an Albacore instead that they retailed at about £600 (at the time)!
Also got a swimrun suit.

Both for £250!

Mostly sold out now.

Prices don’t seem as good as last year. I love huub, and bought a grade D Archimedes II last year for £70.30. This year…£125.

Not worth it at that price. Mine was always intended to be a training suit to save my “race” one, and it’s torn to shreds in only half a dozen or so uses. The neoprene just seems to have significantly degraded with whatever ex-demo use it’s gone through. People talk about huub being fragile, but I’ve not found that in new suits. However I wouldn’t pay more than £70.30 again for the lower grades.

The A1 stuff is probably good value if your in need for a race suit however.

I wouldn’t be happy! Albacore is so much tighter and I can’t wear it. They’ve done the same with me before and I had to send it back and wait for an Archimedes. It was so tight it actually made my legs go numb! This is despite them saying they fit exactly the same. They 100% do not!

I got an A1, which is unworn as new, but less than half price. That felt like a good deal to me.

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Yep, that’d be good. I was tempted by an Archimedes III at that grade and similar discount, but with a hardly used Archimedes II, and another brand new one in a box (don’t ask!), I couldn’t really justify the need!

I’ve never even tried it on. Only did 1 tri this year so stuck with the B70 Helix.
Both HUUB’s are still in the boxes they came in.

Not ex demo but sports pursuit.

Huub albacore LC for £100

Is the suit any good? Is the price any good?

Also have the aero version for £150.

Same questions.


No experience of those ones GB, other than to say that originally the Albacore range was Huub’s top spec model that then got superseded. But if you were contemplating, then SP-10-MAY21 should give you another 10% off if you didn’t get the same notification


I have the DS LC and like it, not tried the albacore

Ex-demo sale is on today but only wetsuits in M

You’ve got me immune and arring - did you get the Albacore?

These are my options; one pieces - the albacore like you, a “core” cheaper version, old Dave Scott LC, or old Anemoi two piece (most expensive)…

Nope. I resisted in the end. I’ve not even tried out my old tri suit yet - 2013 but only a handful of uses - so I should see if that’s OK before wasting any more money!

Do not buy any of them.

Ask @Adam

I wore my Huub DS Long Course TriSuit for;
Cotswold 113 pre race kit check
Cotswold 113 race
Outlaw pre race kit check
Outlaw race
Helvellyn pre race kit check
Helvellyn race

It’s now see through.


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The best Huub suit is the Norseman suit. If you can find one of those it is awesome and wind proof.


I guess the locals have been enjoying the view for some time, given Ive worn my DS LC 2 piece for two years now. :hugs:

I like Huub kit, I’m not buying any other brand this season.

That’s what I used Sunday for the first time. Picked it up during Black Friday for any possible future “cold” race. This weekend certainly fitted that criteria. It did a good job and I liked it.

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